October 8, 2014

Octo – The Fallen

by darkjade68

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by DarkJade


The Fallen

Paladins Aren’t Meant To Love…

What A Silly Law

What A Silly…


I got dosed by you and
Closer than most to you and
What am I supposed to do

Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

In you a star is born and
You cut a perfect form and
Someone forever warm

Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on
Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on

Way upon the mountain where she died
All I ever wanted was your life
Deep inside the canyon, I can’t hide
All I ever wanted was your life

Show love with no remorse and
Climb on to your seahorse and
This ride is right on course

This is the way, I wanted it to be with you
This is the way, I knew that it…

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October 7, 2014

About The Earth… Something Has To Change Site

by darkjade68

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Last Year I Became A Vegan, Partially Because I Was Tired Of Eating Animals, Partially Because Of Factory Farming

A Year Later, I Shifted To Being A Vegetarian

The Main Thing Is To Be Conscientious Of The Decisions You’re Making

Not Just Following The Pack

Being A Vegan Is A Better Way To Go In Regards To Our Environment

I Hope To Shift Back To It At Some Point

But Every Little Bit Helps, Whether You’re A Vegan, Vegetarian, Or Just Eat A Reduced Amount Of Meat

I Had Been On The Fence About Meat For Many Years

But The Documentary “Earthlings” Pushed Me Over The Edge

Earthlings Is An Extremely Difficult/Painful Documentary To Watch

But I Would Highly Recommend It

Be Warned, It Is Brutal…

For Years People Have Been Warning About Many Global Issues

Our Rain Forests, Water Shortage, Oil, The Arctic, The Ozone, And The List Goes…

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September 29, 2014

I, Filmmaker – Star Wars Part 1

by darkjade68


My Recent Video Project DJ-

Originally posted on The Written Word:

Due to the Content of this Video (Star Wars), YouTube isn’t currently allowing this Video to be seen… However I’m hoping that it can be seen here on my Site

I, Filmmaker – Star Wars Part 1

A James Mahoney/DarkLight Film’s Video

Legends Productions

Produced & Edited by James Mahoney

Commentary by James Mahoney (DarkJade)

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