May 16, 2014

The Root Chakra

by darkjade68

Originally posted on Psychic Pureseeker:

root chakra

The Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine

Energies: Earth, grounding, focusing,


Open, Closed, or Overactive?

Balanced Root Chakra Symptoms:

  • Full of Energy
  • Grounded 
  • Productive

You know your Root Chakra is STRONG when you feel a sense of belonging, and freedom. You feel a connection with the Earth. Physical exercise is enjoyable, and fulfilling. You are able to take matters into your hands, and deal with them with efficiency. You eat healthily and joyfully. You take pride in the work that you accomplish, and feel satisfied with where you are in life.

Blocked Root Chakra Symptoms

  • Bad Health
  • Tiredness
  • Laziness

You know your Root Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you feel stuck, and unfulfilled. You never seem to have enough energy, and physical health is not a priority. You sleep more than you need to, and/or you suffer from health problems. You wish that you could accomplish…

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May 2, 2014

Star Wars… How Has It Affected You, Or Someone You Love? Have A Story, I’ll Post It

by darkjade68

vanity-fair-star-wars-star-wars-29334722-2518-946Star Wars… How Has It Affected You, Or Someone You Love? Have A Story, I’ll Post It

Perhaps you’re wondering why all the sudden I’m starting to Post things Related to “Star Wars”

Well, like I say, I haven’t been really following all the Hoopla in regards to the New Films

Not because I don’t support Lucas’s decision to sell the Rights to Disney… Because I do

Probably mainly because I’ve never been a guy who Follows Hoopla of any kind, Lol

That said

With the New Film (Episode VII) coming out in 2015

And with “Star Wars Day” Coming on May 4th (I didn’t realize this wasn’t the First Year for this)

I’ve decided to Embrace Both the New Films

And “Star Wars Day”

Why? Mainly because “Star Wars” is the reason I decided to pursue Film Making (Which I did for 3 years)

And because, both Walt Disney, and George Lucas are two of my Heroes

Nuff Said… This Article below I Posted on My “The Written Word” Blog  last month

If Any of you would like me to Post a Story about what “Star Wars” means to you

Or how it has impacted your, or someone you love’s life

Email it to LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com

And I Will Post It During the Next Week


Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

star wars 2Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

It was May, 1977…

My Brother, Mom and I went to see the Original “Star Wars”

My Brother and My Lives would never the same

That Opening Sequence…

The Size of the Ship

And in Walked My Favorite All Time Villain, Darth Vader

Darth HelmThe Cape, The Helmet, The Voice

The Force…

He’s Affected me forever in regards to Villains

He has, in fact, Set The Bar

And has Lead me Directly to my Theory that

In a Story where there are ‘Good Guys’

And there are ‘Bad Guys’

(Be it Movie, Book or Other)

A Story can only be as good as ‘The Bad Guy’

Cuz who cares if the Good Guy Defeats some Fool, Lol

Check My Theory Out on some of your Favorite Good Guy Bad Guy Films

Flashback to

“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”

That Movie would have been Horrible without Alan Rickman as The Sheriff of Nottingham

(It’s Still Pretty Horrible, and Dated, Lol but Rickman was Hilarious)

Flash Forward to


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Guarantee you, if Loki had been Played by anyone less then him

It wouldn’t have done nearly as well



At the time I saw “Star Wars”, I was 8 years old

And, in Truth, I was more of a ‘Han Solo’ guy

My Bro was into ‘Luke’

Which worked out good in regards to Toys, and/or Acting out Scenes Etc.

But Looking back now, I have really gained an Appreciation for Luke’s Character

He is Hope… He is Light

And I do believe, Visually, George Lucas was inspired a bit by…

Peter O’toole as Lawrence…

The Desert…

The White Clothing, and White/Blonde Hair

Very Luke-esq

Also, did you see Alec Guiness in it as a Sheik?

Probably where Lucas got the idea to bring him into “Star Wars”

Which leads us to… Ben

Enter… The Force

And… Light Sabers

Which are a Simply Elegant Weapon

And Damn Cool Looking, Lol

But I Love Knights, so

The Blend of Sci-Fi, and Knights…


I was Done

But it’s Time For ‘The Man’

He was My Favorite Man…

I wanted to be ‘Han Solo’

Me, and a Million other young Boys, Lol

So a Young Hopeful Hero (Luke)

And an Aging Knight of the Jedi Order (Ben)

Along with a Roguish Pilot (Han Solo)

An Annoying Nagging Robot (C-3PO)

With a Hilarious Beeping Robot (R2d2)

Oh, an a Giant Wolf/Bear Growling Co-Pilot (Chewbacca)

off to Save a Princes (Leia)

From the Coolest Evil Dude in Film (Darth Vader)

Great Start, Right?

Oh, and did I mention the Millennium Falcon?


Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part II)



April 29, 2014

Upcoming Features

by darkjade68


My Friend talking about her new blog DJ-

Originally posted on Kymlee:

Very excited, some potentially great features coming to fruition on The Choice Factor blog soon. We have some dynamic people that are going to be a part of this community, and I can’t wait until you all get to enjoy the knowledge that these individuals have to offer. 

In the coming weeks/months we will be featuring:

* the CEO/Co-Founder of a local New England Fitness Training group & gym and his success as a young entrepreneur & motivational philanthropist

* A financials professional who’s passionate about teaching people how to budget, how to invest and how to ensure their long term security.

These are just some of many to come, we are still waiting on more confirmations. I cannot wait until we can promote these professionals and give them the publications they’ve earned and that YOU need to know.



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