The Dark Globe – Captain America… In Review

by darkjade68

THE DARK GLOBE PRESENTS – Captain America: The First Avenger… In Review; by DarkJade





Let me start by saying, Captain America was my Favorite Superhero as a kid. That said, I also read Captain America, and the Avenger’s Comic’s.

As it turned out, I did not end up seeing this Film in the Theater, even though I would have liked to. I just haven’t been going to many movies lately. Perhaps I’m spoiled by having a Large T.V., coupled with a DVR, and a Large DVD Collection. Still, there is nothing like seeing a Film in the Theater, though I know that part of the Industry is suffering right now. But I digress.

I had a chance to Order this Film last night, and though I suspected it would be pretty good, as I like the Main Actor, and the Marvel Superhero’s Films are, for the most part, good. Partly to do with a high budget, allowing for Superhero like things, coupled with what in my opinion is a virtually endless amount of Accessible Storyline, and Character Information, stemming from the thousands, upon thousands of Comic’s that have already been Written.

The Story; For those of you that aren’t familiar with Captain America’s Story, basically he’s a man who wants to be a Soldier, but whose body isn’t healthy/strong enough. This gets wind to a Scientist that has developed a “Super Soldier” serum, if you will. I think you can probably guess where this is heading, so I wont give anymore away.











Captain America/Steve Rodgers ( Chris Evans); As I say, I like this Actor. And for those of you who don’t recognize him, he also played The Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four Movie’s. Which he also did a good job in. He did a great job as “Capy”.







Haley Atwell (Peggy Carter); This Actress was quite good. I’ve never seen her before.







Stanley Tucci (Dr. Abraham Erskine); I love Stanley Tucci (Devil Wears Prada, Shall We Dance), in just about everything he ever does. He does a great job in this film, and instantly Inserts Heart into the film.

















Hugo Weaving (Johann Schmidt/Red Skull); Come on guys, I didn’t even know Hugo Weaving (Matrix, Lord of the Ring’s) was in this Film… Do I have to tell you how to do your job, anyone who watches any Fantasy Films, knows this guy… As he is Great. Anyway, lol. He does a great job as Captain America’s Nemesis, Red Skull. But more than that, Johann Schmidt.







Toby Jones (Dr. Arnim Zola); This guy is awesome, I recognized him from Infamous where he portrayed Truman Copote, and did a great job.

Tommy Lee Jones was also in the film, who I like, he was fine. Kind of  the Generic General, but he still had his moments.

Overall Rating; First of all I have to say, this might need to be an acquired taste. However, that being said, The Production Value Alone makes this Film worth seeing. It’s just beautiful to watch. Part of that is as I mentioned above, Marvel Superhero Film’s are some of the only Film’s who actually have a decent enough Budget to pull off Film’s of this Magnitude. Part of that was the Director, who also Directed “The Rocketeer“, and he simply knows how to make an Action Adventure Period Piece. This Film had the Feeling and Charm of both “Rocketeer”, but more than that, the Original Indiana Jone’s Movie, “Raider’s of the Lost Ark” which I loved.

The main Cast, as well as the many, many additional Cast Member’s, did a good job as well.

As someone that loves Captain America, and Action Adventure Period Piece’s, I’d give this Film an 8/10. For someone that doesn’t care for those types of Films, maybe 7/10. But like I say, the Production Value Alone of this movie makes it worth watching. Even the Credit’s of the Film are a Beautiful Colage of 1940’s World War Art. Which reminds me, if you haven’t already been sticking around after the Credit’s for these recent Marvel Film’s, do. As in every case, they have an additional Scene, touching on the New Avenger’s Film. Also, in the Case of Captain America: The First Avenger, they show an Actual Trailer for The Avenger’s at the end.


3 Responses to “The Dark Globe – Captain America… In Review”

  1. This film was SO good! Loved it! Chris Evans is another little bit of yum but I genuinely enjoyed the film. I was beyond gutted with the ending. I don’t like when they don’t END a film. Does he go find her? Is she still waiting? Stupid questions because of course not since a lot of years had passed. *sob* which means he stood her up 😦 Mean man.

    • I doubt they will get together again, sadly… I was bummed about that too, but in the Captain America Story, he is frozen in time, and is awoken/found further in the future… I believe he was frozen in the 40’s, and awoken in the 60’s in the comic books… But, the reason I believe they made this Film is because he is the Leader of the Avengers, and the Avengers Movie is coming out soon…. So he’s awoken now, instead of the 60’s for the sake of the Avenger’s Film. Good Flick, I like Chris Evans too, he was one of the best parts about the Fantastic Four Movies.



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