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November 6, 2011

Ordinary Things Viewed Differently

by endlessthinker

Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I choose this photo because this is one of my favorites. I also published this in my blog and hosted it in flickr. Too bad many of its details are lost because of flickr compression.

Anyway, here is what I want to say about this photo which might give insight to many photography enthusiasts out there.

I’m not a pro. I’m not even that experienced enough. I don’t have the most expensive camera or the latest gears available. But what I always do as my rule of thumb is to find a unique angle of view even to ordinary or common things. Recompose and take lots of picture and choose the best one that you think would make it different from the others.

In the photo above, I took a picture of an elongated leaf at our backyard after a heavy rain poured over the city. It was already night time and I have to use flash. It turned out the lights created more drama and the focus was nice. Of course not all was pleased with my composition or the focus point (like what the critics told me at shuttersociety). But I was happy with the results and became motivated even more.

It’s not that big of an advice but I hope it helps. ’till next time. 🙂

November 6, 2011

The Dark Globe – Here in the Dark

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Here in the Dark, Listening to Christmas Music, Facing the White Screen


It’s funny, so rare is it that I don’t know what to Write… I’ve got Novel’s I’m working on, and tons of Topics here to choose from. But, I also respect the Writing Process, and thus don’t like to Push Too Hard in deciding.

Often I end up Writing about the in between moments as well.

It’s November 6th, 6:14am here, our Clocks have just “Fallen Back”, and so it would have been 7:14.

Thusly, this will/should be the Darkest Day of the year… Or rather, Earliest-ly Dark, lol.

It’s funny I had my “Annual” conversation with my Mom yesterday, suggesting we might start to add a few Christmas Items around her house, as I like to celebrate both November, and December, to a degree.

And got her normal Defensive Stance, “Lets have at least a Week or so of Gold and Orange Thanks Giving Colors first…”.

And by the end of the day it was “Why don’t you and (Her Boyfriend) get out some Christmas stuff on Wednesday from below the house…” She generally puts up maybe a 6 to 8 hour fight each year, then gives in.

All and All, it’s been a good year… Yes, I lost the person I was seeing back in June, and when I say lost, I mean we separated. So in that respect, it’s been a bit difficult. Especially now with the Holidays coming, as we’ve spent the last four Thanks Givings, and Christmas’s together. And so, though I am very pleased that the Holidays are coming, I’m also very sad about losing her company.

She’s a very special girl, who I had planned on spending the rest of my Xmas’s with… But enough of all that. She used to make Christmas Cookies every year, I suppose she still will. But I wont be there to eat them. Sugar, Peanut Butter, and some Sort of Oatmeal if I remember correctly. Some from scratch, some from the pre-made dough. Oh and, Chocolate Chip too I think.

Ah good news, I think it’s just started to Rain… Oh how I love the rain. Our weather’s been hanging in the 60’s all week, which I very much like. Other than our Heater Blaring, which kind of dries me out. I prefer extra blankets over manufactured heat any day.

Also, we have a Fireplace, which is lit each year at Christmas, so perhaps I shall start making sure that we have Wood Around, just in case it gets cold enough to use it.

Well enough of all this, time to start my day… Or rather, my second day, as my first day usually starts just like this… Sitting in the Dark… Typing away on my newest thing. I like it that way… It’s something I started doing back on August 18th, when I started The Written Word… And now I finally feel like, I am a Writer… And Writing is simply part of what I do… A very big part of who I am… And what I do, that is.
Enjoy the day