The Dark Globe – Atlas Shrugged (Film)… In Review

by darkjade68

THE DARK GLOBE PRESENTS – Atlas Shrugged… In Review; by DarkJade





Let me start by saying, I’ve heard of this book for years. This, and “The Fountainhead”, both stories Written by Ayn Rand. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I know much about Ayn Rand, I will say I grew up in a house where she was spoken of very highly.

In fact if I’m not mistaken, The Fountainhead may have been one of the main reasons my Mom’s Boyfriend of 30+ years became an Architect.

To say Ayn Rands Writing has been impactive on my Mom’s Boyfriend, who is also one of my Best Friends, and the Architect that I work part time for, would be highly understating its significance to him.

That said, I’ve never read anything by Ayn Rand. They had mentioned to me that her Story Atlas Shrugged had finally been made into a Film, after some 18 years of effort from the Producer… But I didn’t give it much mind.

Well as it ended up, I sat down and watched it with them, and I’m glad I did.

The Story; This is a very Complicated Story… And in truth, what primarily drives this Film is Ayn Rands very strong feelings, and philosophies. I know that is a very vague description, but in all honesty you should just see it. Also, keep in mind that this is only Part One of the Story, and I’m not sure that they will get the financing together to make the next Part… Time will see. The first part of this Film feels a bit like a Made For Television Story, so allow for that… After which, I really feel that Rand’s Philosophies start to shine through… And in my opinion, they have Great Merit. If you consider yourself a Pro Independent Thinker, than see it, and sit through it until the end. Sorry for the vagueness, but like I say, it’s best you let the Story tell itself.






Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler);  Like I say, I haven’t read the book, but I think I get the drift with this character. I thought Grant Bowler, who I haven’t seen before, did a very good job as a Rogue Idealist. 










Dagny Taggart (Taylor Schilling); Dagny is also a Passionate Idealist, not willing to let the United States Crumble.







James Taggart (Matthew Marsden); Matthew Marsdon plays Dagny’s Brother James, the two of them co own a Railroad Company. Matthew is just okay at first, as he really kind of seems mellow dramatic, reminding me of more of a Nighttime Soap Opera Actor. But he does get better as it goes, as does the whole Film.










Ellis Wyatt (Graham Beckel); This guy was great, and I only now figured where I had seen him before… Dick Stensland in L.A Confidential as seen below.






The Bad Cop… He was great in that, but he made Atlas Shrugged worth seeing all by himself in my opinion.







Francisco D’anconia (Jsu Garcia); This guy is an interesting Actor, and Character.

Overall Rating; I apologize for my lack of description on this Film, but I really do think you just need to watch it from start to end to get it. I will say it’s a Story about being Inspired, and surviving the world around us. Keeping in mind that this was a Difficult Film to make, as the Book is extremely well known, and was Written by a Very Complicated person in Ayn Rand. I’d go ahead and give this a 7.25 to 7.5. Like I say, if you favor yourself a Thinker, and someone whose interested in the way the world is ran in general, then see it. With any luck, they will get the backers for Part 2, and I will definitely watch it.


3 Responses to “The Dark Globe – Atlas Shrugged (Film)… In Review”

  1. I hadn’t seen this! I enjoyed the movie very much, but not as much as the book. Hopefully I can watch part II soon!!!
    Love Henry Rearden’s persona and Dagny, Wyatt, and of course John Galt, but well let’s not spoil it for others, who the heck is John Galt? 😉


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