Marketing Tip for Self-Publishers

by quillwielder

Something I’ve found to be a constant for all writers who self-publish is the hardships of marketing. Over on my blog: Quill Wielder I have been thinking about creating a book of short stories to be self-published.

The idea first came when I realised that I had a draw full of short stories that were doing nothing but taking up space. I hadn’t thought about doing anything with them because most publishers won’t even consider publishing a  book of short stories and I’m foremost a novelist.

So I thought to myself: Why not self-publish my short stories? This is a great way to get yourself known in the writing world. People can read your short stories and if they like them they might be more likely to consider buying your novel because they’ve read you before.

After some advice from some of my writing/ blogging friends I’ve decided to release one short story for free and then sell the ebook for $0.99. You can’t feel bad about selling short stories for free or $0.99 when you know they would otherwise be covered in dust. It also helps to remember that I got into the writing game to write and not for the money.

Marketing is the toughest part of being a published writer. I’ve said it before: writing is easy, getting people to buy what you’ve written is the hard part. So this is just an idea for authors to try to get their work more exposure.

Though I don’t know helpful it will be for me as my short stories tend to be about real life and my novels are fantasy, but I guess if people like my style that crosses over no matter what.

3 Responses to “Marketing Tip for Self-Publishers”

  1. This post came at a great time. I’m looking for an agent and a publisher for my book of short humorous stories. I finished my final rewrite this week. I was thinking of self-publishing on Amazon, but I never did it before. It seems like a scary undertaking.


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