Versatile Blogger Award

by darkjade68

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to Kate over at Signature a la Mode who recently Awarded The Dark Globe with the Versatile Blogger Award.

And also take this moment to Congratulate the Current Contributors/Authors of our Site, who this Award Collectively Belongs to.

Because we are a Collaborative Artists Site, we will not partake in the Passing on of this Award, however I thought it might be an opportune time to Introduce both our Current Contributors, as well as our Readers, to all that Follow our site.

Our Authors and/or Contributors;

Editor/Writer/Site Creator – DarkJade;

DarkJade Created his First Blog The Written Word back on August 18th, 2011. He Created The Written Word with the Notion of getting himself in the habit of Writing on a Daily Basis, as well as getting feedback from Readers, in hopes to get some Perspective on how his Writing was being Received. The Written Word was, and is, successful in his mind, as now he’s been Writing something every single day since it’s inception, as well as getting enough feedback to feel that he is able to reach at least some audience. Some seven weeks later, he created his Second Blog One Knight (Site), as a place where he could work Specifically on “One Knight” (Story), a Childhood Novel Concept. In Addition to his Story, he also invited several Guest Writer’s, or as he calls them “Writer’s of the Realm”, to add Additional Original Work to the Site. To learn more about DarkJade, you can also read About The Author on his Main Blog, The Written Word.

Photographer – Mark; Mark is a Great Photographer I found over at Mark – Photoblog. He has made some great Contributions already to the Site.

Writer – Quill; I came across Quill on her The Quill Wielder Site. Quill is a very Talented and Spirited Writer, and has made a Great Deal of Contributions to the Site.

Writer – Pdk; This is the Second Blog that Pdk has Worked with me on, as he is also one of my Writers over on my One Knight Site. I Orginally Found Him on his Site Simple Observations Pdk is a very, very, Strong Writer. Just about anything he Writes, is worth taking a look at. He also has made many Contributions already to the Site.

Writer – Taurean; Taurean is a very Down To Earth, Wise and Intuitive Writer I found over at Nothing To Read Here.

Writer – Felicity-Zara Stewart; Felicity of Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat is an extremely Prolific, and Fascinating Writer. I look forward having her Talent and Passion for Writing on our Crew.

Writer – Pete; Well, come on, we all know Pete, Right? Pete is a Writer I’ve also worked with, as he is also one of my One Knight Site Writers. Pete is most Renowned for his Blog Evolution of Insanity, the Day to Day Life of the More than Common Man, lol. But he’s also recently Flexed his Creative Writing Muscles with both his Twist of Hate Blog, as well as his One Knight Site Contributions, Insanity’s Ascension. The guy is a Writer, through and through, and I am glad to have him in our Crew.

Writer – Maze – Maze inquired about Writing/Posting for the Site, and after looking at his Blog Over The Maze, I’d say he’ll add a nice Flare to our Group of Writers and Photographers. Glad to have em.

Writer – Kymlee – I’ve always been Impressed with Kymlee’s Site, and Music, and she’s agreed to join our Crew of Writers. Glad to have her in our Crew.

Writer – Kate – Kate over at Signature a la Mode has been following The Dark Globe, and expressed an interest in being an Author on the Site. I took a look at her Blog, and it is quite good. Welcome to the Crew Kate.

In case you’re interested in who else is following The Dark Globe, I thought I’d go ahead and supply a list of links to their sites.

Our Followers;

The Wild Pomegranate

Photographical Moments – This Guy has Great Photo’s


Magsx2’s Blog

The Writer in the Woods

Maggies Photography

Lyric SnapShot

The Cosmic Carousel



Manchester LAB




In addition to these Followers Above, Our Collaborators/Authors also follow the site, but their Links are already listed in the Collaborators/Author portion of this post.

Congrats again Contributors for this Award, and Thank You Followers for joining on this Collaborative Artsitic Effort…

We Truly Appreciate it

Oh and, Happy Thanksgiving to those that are partaking in that Holiday.


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