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December 31, 2011

The Envelope Please… And The Winners Are

by darkjade68

Photographer of the Year;

La Plume Noire

Congratulations La Plume Noir, you are The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Photographer of the Year!!

Which Means you get to put this Lovely Badge on Your Site (If You Like), and Bask in the Knowing… That you are, THE CHOSEN ONE!!


Writer of the Year;

Michael Cargill

Congratulations Michael Cargill, you are The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Writer of the Year!!

Which Means you get to put this Extraordinary Badge on Your Site (If you Like), and Walk Around your Local Malls completely Naked, without anyone saying a thing… You Are THE CHOSEN ONE!!


After much Consideration, and Reflection Upon This Category, I have decided to Award The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Blogger of the Year to 3 of the Nominees.

Pete at Evolution of Insanity

Lorna at Lorna’s Voice

Harry at dribblingpensioner

There are Several Reasons why I have decided this is the Best Way to go, one of which is each of these Blogs Received Over 30 Votes… And have been pretty much Neck and Neck for the last several days. Frankly, they’re so close in their Final Vote Count, it seems almost Trivial to Hand it to just one of them, being All have Received a Great Deal of Support from their Fans. I hope that none of you are Disappointed, because all of you truly Deserve the Title of THE CHOSEN ONE!! And thus, all have Earned The Right to Place This Badge Upon Your Site (Should you Choose). Congratulations to all Three of you, LET THE LIME JELLO WRESTLING MATCHES BEGIN!!!

Thank You to All Participants… Voters… And Nominees

And a Happy New Year!! One and all


December 31, 2011

The Dark Globe – 2011 In Pictures

by darkjade68

Pictures Used in The Dark Globe’s 2011 Body of Work

Happy New Year From The Dark Globe

Looking Forward To Next Year

All The Best

DarkJade & The Crew

December 30, 2011

iDarkglobe – Apple

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

iDarkglobe – Apple



It’s funny… When I think of Apple, I think of a Company, and Product that I’ve liked since the 80’s.

But being their products were more expensive than a P.C., and my money was often tied up in other things, I never ended up getting one. And still haven’t.

In fact… I don’t own one single Apple Product.

My mom’s Boyfriend of 30+ years, who is an Architect, and I have always been drawn to Apple Products… In fact, it was one of the two things we often talked about when I was growing up…

The other being the Designs of Certain Cars… Namely, Fast Foreign Cars… Like Aston Martins

What’s not to like, right…

But not because they are fast, but rather, because the way they looked… Aerodynamically… Esthetically…

Frankly, they look Bad A$$! lol

The Apple Lisa always comes to mind…

Cool.. Right?

At least it used to be… In 1983



As the years went by, I never gave it much thought, no for me my First Computer was a Comodore 64, lol





I believe I got that in 1985… And in truth I loved it… Especially for Playing

Activision’s Pitfall… lol

And so the years continued to roll by, and I’d hear about Apple from time to time…

Like how Steve Jobs bought Pixar (CNET Article), which ended up being a Huge Success, and was later purchased by Disney

Which, by the way, I thought was just Brilliant… As Animation was slowly Dying, other than Pixar, and Disney had always been known for its Great Animation…

So if Disney couldn’t successfully do it their selves anymore, it made perfect sense to Purchase Pixar, who had become the New Masters of Animation.

And something tells me, those at Pixar really didn’t mind…

Well Done Disney, Well Done Steve Jobs…

But of course, what really took Apple to a Whole New Level, was the iPod

I think we all know what a Huge Product that was/is, and how it has now Created a Revolution of “i” Products

Such as the iPhone



Which actually came out before the iPod… But has seen more success since the iPod Surge/Push.

And now the iTV

Which I don’t believe is all that huge yet, but soon, with the coming of the Streaming Era, I’m sure we shall see some New Products from Apple in regard to Online Video Streaming, that will further change our Technological world…

And of course, the Ever Illustrious iPad

And none of this would have been possible without the Man Himself…

Steve Jobs

The Visionary…

The Legend…

The iConAs it were, lol

Who is, and Shall Always Truly Be, The Apple in Technologies Eye…

And we Thank Him for it…

Rest in Peace oh Innovative one