The Dark Globe – Green Lantern… In Review

by darkjade68

THE DARK GLOBE PRESENTS – The Green Lantern… In Review;

by DarkJade




As a kid my Favorite Super Heroes were Captain America, The Flash and Green Lantern.

Part of the cool thing about Captain America was, even though he was Strong, Agile, Smart Etc., he was still human… So I could relate.

Flash was also human, and for some reason, I just really liked him… Especially when he would try to beat Superman in a Race… Can’t remember if he ever won, but at least he tried. And, once again, he was human.

Green Lantern on the other hand, is human, but with Powers Granted to him from something, and somewhere, other than Earth.

None the less, for some reason, I just liked him.

That said, I am bit surprised that they made a movie out of Green Lantern… I mean, I totally understand the Superhero Craze that has been with the Movie Industry for some 20 years now… Or something like that.

But I’m not exactly sure how Popular he is compared to a Character like Batman, Superman, Wolverine or Spiderman. I really doubt he comes anywhere near them.

One of the difficult things about a character like Green Lantern is, like I say, his powers come from else where… Making him difficult to relate with. Granted, people, including me, absolutely love the Superman Character, especially the way Christopher Reeves portrayed him… The dude was masterful.

In fact maybe we have Christopher Reeve to thank for truly crossing Superman over that “not human”, yet human, boundary.

That said, on with the Review.








The Story; In a nutshell, there are some 3 thousand plus members of a Group called Green Lantern Corps.

It’s members are made up of thousands of different Alien Races, and they are basically Universal Protectors of the Universe, so to speak. Or at least, a great deal of the Universe.

The Leaders of the Green Lantern Corps are called Guardians, and they basically Guide them with their “Vast Intelligence”.

Apparently a Great Evil has come to be, I wont give away where it came from, you will find out if you see it… But they fear that The Green Lanterns wont be strong enough to stop it, as it has already begun to wipe out members upon its escape from imprisonment.

The source of Power for the Green Lantern Corp Members is their Rings, which get their power from what the Guardians call “Harnessed Will”… Basically an Energy Source derived from Creatures “Will”.

The only Energy that the Guardians think might be stronger, is derived from “Fear”. I wont say any more about that.

All and all the Story is just okay. Well, let me correct myself… The Back Story, and everything to do with the Green Lantern Corps. is cool… But the Story back on Earth, is just okay.

The Movie starts out cool in Space, but once they arrive on Earth, it feels like “Top Gun” mixed with “Stealth”, both Films in which I liked… But it felt a bit Cheesy here. This is because Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern) is a Jet Pilot, something I hadn’t remembered from reading it, but it’s been years since I have.

Let me say, there is some good Character Acting in this Movie… Ryan Reynolds does a good job as The Green LanternBut the Actress in it is just terrible. The Alien Characters are the best part of the Film, that and Ryan Reynolds. Oh and all of the Scenes with The Green Lantern Corps in space… The Bad Alien in Space, that attacks the planet later in the film, just sucks. But the Hector Hammond, the Human Villain who gains Super Powers, played by Peter Sarsgaard, is quite good.









Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds); I literally used to hate this Actor… Every line he used to do was basically him telling a joke… He was cynical, and horrible… But over time, he’s actually gotten better… He was quite good in this, and I also liked him in “The Proposal“.










Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard); This guy is also quite good as the Human that becomes a bad guy via Super Evil Powers.















Sinestro (Mark Strong); This guy is great… In fact he’s one of the main reasons that I ended up wanting to see the film, and I was not disappointed. He plays Sinestro, and should there ever be a Sequel to this film, he will more than likely be a major part of it.

















Tomar-Re (Jeffrey Rush’s Voice); This guy was awesome. I didn’t realize it was Jeffrey Rush, but that makes a lot of since… He’s a great Actor, and this is a Great Character.

Once again, the Actress was terrible in this, so I didn’t even list her, lol. Tim Robbins who I really loved in Shawshank Redemption, was terribly casted in this… And so, was terrible.

Overall Rating; Overall this is a good Popcorn Movie… And they poured 200 Million into it to make it, and it shows in the Scenes in Space, and Special Effects. I’d probably give it a 6.5/10 over all, but there are scenes in it that are more like an 8. Mostly any scene with Tomar-Re, the Bird like Alien… Oh, and the Alien that Crashes on Earth, and chooses Hal Jordan to replace him as a Green Lantern, is just awesome… Even though his character isn’t in the film long.

Thanks for Listening/Reading, and if you watch it, Enjoy.


4 Comments to “The Dark Globe – Green Lantern… In Review”

  1. I think popcorn movie is the best way to describe it. I was hoping for more, but with that said it wasn’t a bad movie. I really do hope they make a sequel & do it right next time!

    • Yeah, when the Previews originally came out for it, I thought, hmm… I wasn’t sure it would be any good… Then I saw more Previews once it became Rentable, and like I say, I found out Mark Strong was in it, so I decided to see it for the Alien Characters… As I suspected, the Alien Characters were good… However, like I say, pretty much all of the Scenes on Earth, were not so good… And, also like I say, the Girl Actress, or at least her Character, were terrible… And Tim Robins Character, was also terrible… And, the biggest mistake you can make in a “Bad Guy, Good Guy” Movie, is to have a Crappy Bad Guy… Which I feel the Main Bad Guy Alien that attacked the Planet, was just dumb, weak, and pointless… The only saving grace was Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, but still, very weak story on Earth.

      Thanks for the Comment Taureanw


  2. I mostly stuck to Batman and Superman, though I also liked Spiderman and I think it is quite possible that I owned Vol.

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