The Dark Globe – Grimm… In Review

by darkjade68


by DarkJade




I started watching the New NBC Television Series “Grimm” two or three Episodes into it’s Season… I have to admit, it was the Television Ad that finally drew me in…

Now I wasn’t able to find the actual Ad for it that I saw on T.V. (Which was maybe 8 Seconds Long), but I did come across an actual Trailer for the Show itself…


Like I say, I came in at the 2nd or 3rd show, and haven’t looked back.

BASIC STORYLINE; Basically Grimm is a Family Line of Hunters to a degree… As it ends up, there are all types of different breeds of Humanoids on the Earth, but only the Grimm Family Members can truly see these “Varying” Humanoids for who they really are… Be it a Werewolf-ish like Being, or another. It’s a bit tricky to explain, but well worth checking it out for yourself.

LOCATION; The Location that they Film this show, or at least where it’s set, is in Oregon… Having lived in Oregon two different times, once for 9 months when I first started to Self Study/Pursue Film Making (My Brother Lived there which is the reason I moved there), and a second time to Pursue Film Making more aggressively by making my First Short Film (Once again I moved there to work with my Brother on it)… And let me just say this, Oregon is simply Beautiful… At least where I was, which was Eugene Oregon, but I believe this show is Filmed or Takes Place closer to Portland Oregon.

CHARACTERS; There are several good characters in this show, the Star of the show is an Actor Named David Giuntoli. Now I haven’t seen this Actor before, but he was a good choice as the Lead Character Nick Burkhardt (I guess his actual last name isn’t Grimm, hmm… But I did miss the first couple of Episodes, which I’m sure explain it), who is a Grimm Descendent.

His Partner is an Actor Named Russell Hornsby who is also good, and they are both Portland Detectives.

Reggie Lee is also quite good, he plays a Police Sargent.

But the Coolest Character in the show is an Actor Named Silas Weir Mitchell

He Plays Grimm’s kinda sorta Friend, who is basically one of the Werewolf-ish Breeds of Humanoids… And who in the Past, Grimm would have Hunted down and Killed… But this Grimm doesn’t do that… Not unless you truly deserve it.

THE FINAL TAKE; In the end, Grimm is Intriguing, Interesting, and 300% different than any other shows that I’m watching… Which makes it Quite Appealing… If I remember correctly, the Original Reason that I didn’t watch this show was I figured it was just another Spin Offish Type Show from the Twilight Craze, only with Werewolves…

I was 100% Mistaken… Grimm stands completely on its own, as its own thing… My Overall Rating for this show is 8.25-8.5/10. It’s really good… Not always Great, and sometimes has glimpses of Cheese, but Cheese has always been a Key Component of anything Remotely Horror Flick/Monster Flick-ish… So do yourself a favor, and Pull up a Bucket of Popcorn, and Leave Realism at the door…

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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