The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards – Finalists

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards – Finalists

Presented by The Dark Globe




Well, it wasn’t easy, but in the end the systems I put in place to determine our Finalists worked pretty good.

I was basically only left with one spot that I actually had to determine myself… Which was a 6 way tie for the 5th Spot of the Photographer of the Year.

Which, by the way, was the most difficult to determine, as there were 15 Nominees…

But by God We Did it!! lol

Before I get to the Nominees, I want to take a moment to Issue Forth a couple of what I’m calling Artist Diversity Awards to two of the Nominee’sThe First goes to Mike10613, for being Nominated for Both Photographer of the Year, and Writer of the Year… He didn’t end up warranting either of the Individual Awards per the System I utilized to determine the Final Nominees, but I feel that he Definitely deserves some recognition for being Nominated for Two Different Categories… So Gratz to you Mike… The Second Artist Diversity Award is being issued to Nuvofelt for being Nominated not only for two Categories, but for two completely different Blogs… Chittle Chattle for Blogger of the Year, and Just Snaps for Photographer of the Year… So Gratz to you as well Nuvofelt…

Here is your Award, which the two of you can each Post on your Sites… Congratulations…

The Dark Globe Artist Diversity Award awarded to;




Congratulations to Both of you

Now on to the Finalists…

Photographer of the Year Final Nominees;

1) Third Hand Arts Web Log

2) La Plume Noire

3) Vlad Bravo (Captured Light)

4) Joshi Daniel Photography

                                                                                                           5) Lady Fi

Congratz to all… As I said before, this was a very, very, very difficult Category to determine… I will also be Posting an Honorable Mention Post for the Nominees that didn’t make the Final Cuts in the Three Categories.

Writer of the Year Final Nominees;

1) The Insanity Aquarium

2) Chick Press

3) Michael Cargill

4) Kate Shrewsday

5) Ina

Congratz to all…

And Last, but Not Least…

Blogger of the Year Final Nominees;

1) Lorna’s Voice

2) dribblingpensioner

3) This Time – This Space

4) Evolution of Insanity

5) Love is the Answer

Congratz to all… Once again, a very, very difficult Category, as there were 14 Nominees.

The Way the Voting will work is, Each Blogger may Vote for One Nominee from each Category… And that’s it… No Multiple Voting from anyone, for any specific Nominee. One Vote Per Category is all you get. Nominees May Vote for the Other Two Categories that they’re not in… All Votes Need to be Posted on This Page, or in the New Voting Thread that I will Post in the Forums on December 21st…


Nominees are allowed to Advertise on their Own Blogs for People to Vote for them… Not on other Peoples Blogs.*

*This Rule has been Amended as Noted here There can Be Only One

And not in the Forums. I will be letting the Forums Know about Voting for the Nominees… Other people are allowed to Promote People they’d like to Win Within Their Own Blogs, but not in the Forums. But Nominees need to stick to Promoting within their own Blogs… Have some Self Respect, for gods sake, lol

Congratz to all of the Finalists, and the Games Begin in 24 Hours.

Good Luck!


*Special Thanks to Pete, Pdk and Quill, 3 of my/our Senior Dark Globe Writers,  for getting me their Lists which helped me to determine the Final 5 Finalists Per Category

58 Responses to “The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards – Finalists”

  1. Oh gosh – thank you so much for the honour of being a nominee.

  2. “Arist” awards?

  3. I was happy to be nominated but didn’t expect to be in the 5 finalists category. Thank YOU. 🙂

  4. DarkJade, thankyou. I’ll be there to vote for some worthy entrants. I’m really honoured to have been given the extra award, thank you again.

    • You two deserve it, getting Nominated for Two Different Categories, and in your case, Two Different Blogs, is definitely something to proud of… At least in my book… So, Gratz to yah


  5. Huzzah! Thank you to everyone who nominated me.

    Thank you Jade as well.

  6. Such an honor! Thanks so much for organizing this award and thanks to all who nominated me. Wow (and I’m usually so good with words…) 😉

  7. Wow thank you for nominating me, that is really great! 🙂

  8. ahh thank you, thank you! It feels great to be nominated!

  9. Thank you for the nomination. That’s all I need to be honored. Thank you!

  10. Thanks Dark Globe: much appreciated!

  11. I’m honoured thank you every much.

    Darkjade, you would need to move Lady Fi over because it could be missed.

  12. OOh my gosh!! thank you so much, i still cant believe im a final 5..wooww.. Please do vote for me everyone because i write from my heart.. :-D..

  13. This is just wonderful, thank you so much 🙂

  14. Voting starts tomorrow! Aaaaah, I can’t wait to get my votes in for my favourite blogs! 😀

  15. What an honor it is that my humble personal blog has been nominated. Thank you.

  16. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and also to Mike 10163 who epitomizes diversity! (He’s also an amazing photographer!)

  17. Lorna’s Voice, all the way!

  18. Writer of the Year – Ina

    Thank you 🙂

  19. Blogger Of the Year – .. My vote goes to dribblingpensioner … : )
    Good luck mate! Fingers crossed!!

  20. ohmygosh… this is sooooooo hard…
    ok here goes….
    photog… Vlad Bravo
    writer… Michael Cargill
    blogger…. dribbling pensioner….
    congratz to all!!!

  21. La Plume Noire
    Michael Cargill

  22. I vote for Kate Shrewsday as writer of the year.

  23. Writer of the year is Chic Press for me. 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  24. Writer of the year,, definately Chick Press
    Photographer of the year, Joshi Daniel Photography

  25. My Blogger of the year vote: dribblingpensioner

    Good Luck to all =)


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