There Can Be Only One… T.D.G. Outstanding Artist Awards Final Update

by darkjade68

One Per Category that is, lol

And so we enter our Final Few Days of Voting

But Remember, with Great Power… Comes Great… Eh, watch the Video

Arggh, it wouldn’t Embed… lol, oh well… Those That Click it anyway, and go to YouTube, will be the only ones that Truly Understand, THE POWER!!!

On with the Update…


Photographer of The Year; 22 Total Votes

La Plume Noire– 10 Votes

Lady Fi – 3 Votes

Vlad Bravo at Captured Light – 4 Votes

Joshi Daniel – 3 Votes

Third Hand Arts – 2 Votes

Noir Holds on, shall she be “The One”??

Writer of The Year; 30 Total Votes

Ina– 9 Votes

Michael Cargill – 11 Votes

Insanity Aquarium – 3 Votes

Chickpress – 3 Votes

Kate Shrewsday – 4 Votes

Ina’s Keepen it Close with Michael

Blogger of The Year; 71 Total Votes

dribblingpensioner – 24 Votes

Lorna’s Voice – 25 Votes

Evolution of Insanity – 20 Votes

This Time – This Space – 1 Vote

Love is The Answer – 1 Vote

And The Squeeze is on with Pete, Dribb and Lorna…

Apparently some have been letting their Readers Know by going to their Sites, which wasn’t actually supposed to happen… However, as this is all just for fun, and GLORY!!! The Rules shall be Ammended, and you All May Do This… However, don’t drive anyone Crazy, and Don’t ask em more than Once… As I don’t want people to Dread The Dark Globe Awards when they come around again next year, lol… Which is why I didn’t allow it to begin with… None the less, it is now Allowed.



*Voting Can Take Place on Any of The Award Posts

38 Responses to “There Can Be Only One… T.D.G. Outstanding Artist Awards Final Update”

  1. Ok so I am being super stupid I know *bangs head on coffee table repeatedly* – how do I vote on this you lovely people?

  2. Evolution of insanity for def!!

  3. Evolution of insanity please

  4. Hello everyone, can you please note my vote for Michael Cargill for Writer? Regards and good luck to all!

  5. I vote for Michael Cargill all the way!

  6. Let the chips fall where they may. I’ve self-promoted on my blog enough. How do politicians do it? Suffice it to say we have a cadre of excellent bloggers out there and I’m honored to be considered among them.

    I’m sure this contest is getting you a lot of visibility, too–and that’s great! 🙂

    • Aye, should be interesting to see whether you, Pete, or dribb will cross the line first… But like you say, all of the Nominees have Good Blogs, so either way, it should be cool/fun

      Yah know, I didn’t realize there would be such a Strong Response, mainly because it was kind of a last minute Idea that I decided to do, and I wasn’t sure we’d even get 5 Nominees in Each Category in time, lol But, as you can tell, a lot more got Nominated, which made choosing the Finalists a bit rough, but still an enjoyable process

      And yeah, as it’s turned out, we’ve picked up several more Followers during this Award Period

      So thanks

      And Good Luck!!


  7. Michael must be the one! Not only is he talented, amusing, has great appreciation of other Blogs and is English–he offered me the best bribe.

    I can’t remember if he told me to leave that last bit off or not. Oh, well.

  8. Lady fi and evolution of insanity

  9. Evolution of Insanity for blogger

  10. I would like to vote for Evolution of Insanity and Ina and Noir

  11. vote for evolution of insanity please!

  12. One more vote for Evolution of Insanity.

  13. Blog of the year – evolution of insanity

    Writer of the year – michael cargill

    Photographer of the year – captured light

    Best of luck to all!!

  14. I vote for Lorna’s Voice!

  15. I’d like to vote for:

    Writer of The Year – Michael Cargill

    Photographer of the Year – Joshi Daniel

    Blogger of the Year – Evolution of Insanity

    Thanks! Good luck everyone.

  16. I assume you add your picks in the comments here. Writer of The Year – Michael Cargill;
    Photographer of the Year – Joshi Daniel; Blogger of the Year – tie between This Time – This Space and dribblingpensioner – sorry, can’t pick between them.






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