The Envelope Please… And The Winners Are

by darkjade68

Photographer of the Year;

La Plume Noire

Congratulations La Plume Noir, you are The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Photographer of the Year!!

Which Means you get to put this Lovely Badge on Your Site (If You Like), and Bask in the Knowing… That you are, THE CHOSEN ONE!!


Writer of the Year;

Michael Cargill

Congratulations Michael Cargill, you are The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Writer of the Year!!

Which Means you get to put this Extraordinary Badge on Your Site (If you Like), and Walk Around your Local Malls completely Naked, without anyone saying a thing… You Are THE CHOSEN ONE!!


After much Consideration, and Reflection Upon This Category, I have decided to Award The Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Award’s 2011 Blogger of the Year to 3 of the Nominees.

Pete at Evolution of Insanity

Lorna at Lorna’s Voice

Harry at dribblingpensioner

There are Several Reasons why I have decided this is the Best Way to go, one of which is each of these Blogs Received Over 30 Votes… And have been pretty much Neck and Neck for the last several days. Frankly, they’re so close in their Final Vote Count, it seems almost Trivial to Hand it to just one of them, being All have Received a Great Deal of Support from their Fans. I hope that none of you are Disappointed, because all of you truly Deserve the Title of THE CHOSEN ONE!! And thus, all have Earned The Right to Place This Badge Upon Your Site (Should you Choose). Congratulations to all Three of you, LET THE LIME JELLO WRESTLING MATCHES BEGIN!!!

Thank You to All Participants… Voters… And Nominees

And a Happy New Year!! One and all


14 Responses to “The Envelope Please… And The Winners Are”

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! I knew it was going to be a close race in the Blogger category and I’m honored to share the title and award with my oh-so-worthy fellow bloggers extraordinaire.

    Great job on running this contest, DarkJade! Happy New Year to you!

    • Thank you Lorna, Happy New Year to you too!

      I’m glad you’re alright with 3 of you getting it, it was something I hadn’t fully decided until about 11pm my time last night, 1 Hour before New Years, and the Posting of the Winners.

      Hopefully the Other 2 will be alright too.

      Congratz Lorna, you had a hell of a turn out


  2. Awesomeness! I am the Chosen One. haha I feel like I Frodo Baggins. Thank you to you all!

    • You ARE!! A Frodo Baggins, lol. Now you just need to go get rid of that Ring :D. Good Luck with that, lol

      Gratz Noir, apparently I’m not the only one that considers your Site to be The Best Photographer Site out there

      Happy New Year


  3. Thank you to who everyone who voted for me and thank you to Jade for going to the trouble to do it.

    I am actually naked already.

    • lol, Glad to hear you are Naked, lol… Hmm, that sounded wrong

      Gratz Michael on the Award, your People Stood Strongly Behind yah

      Note that I Added 2011 to the Official Awards, so make sure to get that one up there should you Apply it to your Site.

      And Happy New Year!


  4. Thank you Darkjade for the award and also congrats to all the winners in all award sections.

    To be classed as a winner with Pete and Lorna is an honour as they both have great blogs.

    I have just put this post up about your award.

    Thanks again, Harry.

  5. Wooooohooo!!!
    Congrats to all!!

  6. Thanks to everyone who voted, it’s a great honour as the joint first blogger of the year, congrats to everyone else too, it’s well deserved.


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