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January 1, 2012

West Coast Yankee Fan… Leave The Man Alone

by darkjade68

Confessions of a West Coast Yankee Fan – Volume Two

Leave The Man Alone

by DarkJade


I have to say, when I dropped over to the New York Yankee’s Website today, I was glad to Read an Article about Alex Rodriguez working on finding Knee and Shoulder Treatments for some of his Battle Scars…

Let me tell you why… I was glad to Read this

I can not tell you how glad I am that he’s finally out of the Limelight… Not that they don’t still expect great things out of him, Both the Yanks, and The Fans…

But there was a stretch there where all the Media wanted to Write about, was his Personal Life, or how he wasn’t worth his Huge Paycheck.

First of all, I understand that being in the Press comes with the territory, especially when you’re a Professional Athlete, especially if you’re a New York Yankee, and even more so if you Received the Highest Paycheck ever to Play the Game of Baseball.

However, I do not agree, at all with several Aspects of that.

So he’s the Highest Player ever Paid, big deal, someone has to be, right? And man oh man am I tired of hearing people complain about The Yankees having the Highest Roster Budget… What a bore… Once again, someone has to have the Highest, right?

I will say this, I do think they should put a Budget Cap on what Teams can spend… Primarily, to try to keep things a bit more even… However you really need to ask yourself this, if you cut 5 Million off some Players Paycheck, where do you think it’s going to go?

The Owners of course… So what the Hell is the difference if the Player gets Overpaid, or the Owner gets Over Paid?? Eh? Go ahead and try to answer that for me.

The Article – A-Rod undergoes experimental knee treatment

Enjoy Your Day




January 1, 2012

Thank You Finalists – You Should Be Proud

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award’s Finalists;

I just wanted to take a moment to say, that each of you that were Nominated Should Be Proud… You have Obviously Caught the Attention of People in the Blog-os-phere, which is why you were Nominated.

As a Sign of Our Appreciation, and Acknowledgment of your Nominations, I offer you This Humble Badge, to Wear Upon your Sites…

To Serve as a Threat, That Your Blogs are Lurking in the Shadows, Waiting to Strike… And All Should Beware!!

Gratz on Making the Final Cut of Our Inaugural Awards, and Thus Becoming Part of our Formative History…

Receivers of this Honor are as Follows;

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This Time – This Space

Love is the Answer

Most Sincerely,

DarkJade & The Crew of The Dark Globe

January 1, 2012

MV Nicole Starferry

by endlessthinker

This is the barge that brought us the very beautiful paradise of the Island Garden City of Samal. Check this post.