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January 2, 2012

The Dark Globe – 2012 Rose Parade & Bowl

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

The 2012 Rose Parade, and Bowl… It Truly is… A New Year







Happy New Year!! And Welcome to the “Earthlings Speak” Editorials, 2012 Season

Glad to have you with me

For me, nothing says Happy New Year more than the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade (8am PST)…

And Ironically, my Sleeping Schedule has changed so much since last year, that here I sit, Awake before it has even started, lol

And I gotta tell you, that is just Awesome… Not that I minded the Second Running which generally started right after the First… But to be Awake for it Live… Nice

I guess they don’t run it when New Year’s Day lands on Sunday, so they ran 1982’s Rose Parade Yesterday… Yikes, that’s a while back… But saw a few moments of it, pretty cool.

2012 Rose Bowl;

Oregon Ducks vs the Wisconsin Badgers (2:10 PST)

Now I’m not a Huge College Football Fan, but I did start to Follow USC and Stanford this Year, both Teams were just Exceptional… Absolutely.

But as anyone who knows about College Football knows, USC was Band from participating from any Championships, or Bowls this year…

That said, I saw both Standford and USC face The Ducks this year, and the games were just Tremendous… All three of those Teams easily deserved to play in both Championships, and Bowl Games.

That said, I have never seen the Wisconsin Badgers Play, so I look  forward to see what they can do against the Super Fast Oregon Ducks Offense… Man can those guys Run.

And the Duck’s QB LaMichael James is basically a Hero.

Ah yes, New Years is here, and I shall be Enjoying Both the Parade, and the Rose Bowl…

I hope all of you have an Outstanding 2012

And I look forward to seeing you here, at The Dark Globe