Dribbling Pensioner’s, Darkglobe Guest Post.

by Harry


I would first of all like to say a big Hello to all the readers who don’t know me and have never been to my blog, i really don’t understand why you have not visited before now, so here’s you chance.

To those who do know me, hello again,  Darkjade has asked me to do a guest post on the Dark Globe , and i was totally shocked when i received it, as i’m only a fun Blogger, so here goes.

About Me

My name is Harry, and I was the joint winner of the Dark Globe 2011 blogger of the year award for my little blog called dribbling pensioner.

And i would like to thank everyone who voted for me, and indeed the other Bloggers,  because it was a great response to the award post.

I am age 66, from the great City of Belfast, yes it is and always has been great, even with the  ” scum bags ”  causing so much trouble in it.

I am enjoying my retirement with my wife, taking it easy and doing things we want and only when we want to. We have two lovely grandsons, Adam aged 10 and Luke aged 2, we adore them both.

We will be married 45 years this September, and are each others best friends, because we don’t have any friends 🙂  we have lived in our present home since we were married, our next move will be into sheltered housing or into our plot.

I have never been sporty and never played sports when i was young, except as we all did, i played with my friends out in the streets. Then i took up indoor bowls and that lasted for 30 years when i stopped it, i was very good. I also played darts and snooker for a few years, but gave them both up as i was hopeless at them.


I started blogging 3 years ago with a DIY help site ( harry the handy man ) some people might remember it, a lot of the work was my own but as some do ( i did ) i copied some material from other sites along with photos.

The site was going about 18 months and was ranked number one with goggle, very successful, of course i was reported by someone, i know who it was and from which site, but i lost the site, it was deleted.

But this did not put me of blogging, i started my present site dribbling pensioner ( what a stupid name ) which will be one year old at 2nd april 2012, and i intend to start another DIY site very soon.

My present blog has opened up blogging to me, because i am not a writer, which is not hard to tell. i have never wrote a story , poetry , humour or made reports before, so this is a world which is all new to me but i think i’m getting there.

As you will see when i write, i do not use abbreviations correctly, and my grammar may be bad at times, nor do i use the capital “I” in a sentence.
It does not bother me and i will not change it, also i have been told by many not to change it, as its my writing style, i did not know i had any style.
The way i look at it is, if you can read it and understand it that’s fine, get on with it.

I am very straight talking, very much to the point and truthful, if you say or do something wrong i will say so. My humour is sarcastic and dry, but my friends know this and except it all as me.

I am also a very private person, and maybe to access, none of my friends know my inner thoughts, i believe in keeping your own council and sorting your problems and your mind out yourself. Because asking for help or advice from people ( who don’t   know ) can do damage to your thought process, and send your mind into conflict.

Blogging to me as i understand it, is a way to communicate your private thoughts, life, and indeed anything about yourself to the great WWW.
Well i choose not to do that, i started my blog for fun as a fun blog and to do a lot of rambling about many subjects.

I’m going to stop soon my fingers are sore and my mind is going blank.

About My Blog

So visit my blog soon, its full of posts about humour, poetry, people, photos, music, religion, videos and loads and loads more for you all to enjoy.

I hope to see you all there, and you will be made very welcome in the lounge with tea or coffee and home-made sandwiches.

Thank you all,  Harry.

5 Comments to “Dribbling Pensioner’s, Darkglobe Guest Post.”

  1. I agree, just Awesome…

    Thanks Harry

    And Gratz Once Again on your Award…. It is Truly Deserved


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