The Dark Globe – Star Trek… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

While I’ve been out of work I’ve started watching Star Trek: Enterprise, the series that takes place before the original series. Having watched a full season in about two days I am definitely on a Star Trek kick at the moment.

I am a trekkie but don’t get me wrong, you won’t see me walking down the street dressed as a Klingon. I have watched it since I can remember, my dad used to make me watch the original series as well as my favourite series out of the lot, The Next Generation. So it’s no surprise that my favourite Star Trek film of all time is Star Trek Generations, combining the efforts of both Kirk and Picard to defeat the evil Malcolm McDowell.

Over the years we’ve been given new Star Trek shows, Deep Space Nine which I didn’t really like back in the day but now I love it. Then Voyager came along, I had a major crush on Seven Of Nine. Jeri Ryan is HOT! Along side the series we’ve been treated to Star Trek motion films as well the last one being Star Trek Nemesis portraying Warrior’s Tom Hardy in an early role.

After Star Trek: Enterprise ended it left a lot of fans what was next for the franchise, had it ended? It seemed to until of course J.J. Abrams was asked to reboot the series, with the actors who portrayed both the original series and the next generation series now getting too old to continue playing their roles we wondered what he was going to do.

A lot of fans were skeptical when we were told it’d be the characters from the original series but played by new actors, I had faith in Abrams aswell as the production team from Lost and he didn’t let me or the fans down and seeing this film in an IMAX theatre on a 70 foot long, 50 foot high screen was a thing of beauty.


Story; The story takes place in “current” times, in the late 24th century, a back story was created beforehand via comic book. A star has gone super nova, Spock is tasked to stop the super nova from destroying Romulus the Romulan home world however he fails and Romulus is destroyed along with most of the Romulan population. Spock continues his mission regardless creating a black hole to stop the super nova from destroying anything else. A Romulan mining ship is dragged into the black hole as is Spock’s vessel and they travel back in time.

Nero the captain of the Romulan ship encounters a ship on the other side of the black hole, the USS Kelvin. He instantly begins attacking it, much of the crew manage to escape and the second in command of the ship slams the ship into the side of the Romulan ship. Why should you care? Because the Kelvin had James T. Kirk’s inspiration for joining Star Fleet on that ship; his father. His father had saved 800 people but killed himself in the process, effectively changing the entire timeline and this turns Kirk into a problem child growing up.

We’re shown how differently he and Spock grow up and how they both eventually join Star Fleet. The 20 something years Nero has spent repairing his ship has made him angry, his plan is to destroy the Vulcan home world and Earth in retaliation for them failing to save his planet. He succeeds in destroying Vulcan, Kirk and Spock have a falling out and Spock sends him off the ship on to a near by frozen planet, is it there Kirk meets the older Spock from the future, who tells him that he must take control of the Enterprise and stop the Romulan ship. Kirk returns to the Enterprise and takes over the ship, they then go after the Romulan ship just as the Romulan ship begins attacking Earth. Spock and Kirk draw the ship away and eventually manage to defeat the Romulans by setting off a black hole in the middle of the ship sending them into oblivion.

Future Spock convinces younger Spock to stay in Star Fleet and help Kirk in his mission to explore new worlds and strange civilisations.



James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) – I recognized Pine’s name from the film Smokin’ Aces and has since gone on to star in films like Unstoppable. His portrayal of Kirk is refreshing and plays on the fact how he’s a renegade at heart and still a womanizer. His chemistry with Bones and Spock in this film is reminiscent of the original series and he does a great job.

Spock (Zachary Quinto) – You will know Quinto from the TV show Heroes as the always evil Sylar and Adam Kaufman from 24. I was excited to see him play the role of Spock because I knew how good he could be at it and he didn’t let me down. He somewhat resembles Spock as he looked back in the 60s and was the obvious choice in playing this role.

Leonard McCoy (Karl Urban) – Karl stars as Bones, the ships medical officer and Kirk’s best friend. He continued the role of Bones being generally bad-tempered and not afraid to voice his opinion and ran with it well, you would remember Urban from the film “Doom” and Éomer from Lord of the Rings. He did a fine job portraying this character.

Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana) – Wondering where you might have seen her before? She was the sexy blue thing from Avatar, beyond that she hasn’t had many notable roles but her stock is quickly rising after her performance in this film. She is signed on for the sequel and the sequels of Avatar so you can expect to see a lot more of her in the future. A big difference in this film is the fact that her and Spock are an item, something that wasn’t depicted in the series, although, this is an alternate universe now so anything is possible!

Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg) – The Pegg/Abrams partnership continues as Pegg is signed on as Scotty who continues to do his job at providing comical relief at any point during the film. I don’t think there’s a film Pegg’s been in where he hasn’t made me laugh. He did a great job portraying Scotty and it’s interesting to note that in his own television series Spaced, his character said every odd numbered Star Trek had been shit. Pegg then said, “Fate put me in this role to show me I was talking out of my ass.”

Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) – Before this film was made I made a point not to look at any news for the film, I didn’t want my friends telling me any news about the film. Of course I heard the rumours that the original Spock was going to be in the film and so was William Shatner, the original Kirk. However how they were going to achieve this I didn’t know considering William Shatner was killed off in Star Trek Generations. I watched the film and I was as shock as anyone when I saw the original Spock. I mark out whenever I see Nimoy and you could sense the emotion he was feeling after coming face to face with the young Kirk once again. It was reported that Abrams was nervous directing Nimoy, the man had been doing this role for four decades, who was he to tell him what to do. Even after four decades Nimoy still does a great job and it’s a nice moment when he meets his younger self. I don’t know how they’d have portrayed Shatner but how they portrayed Nimoy was not only great but it made sense to the story.

Captain Nero (Eric Bana) – As I said in my last review for M:I 4 every film needs a great villain otherwise it’s going to be lopsided. Eric Bana did a fantastic job in his role as the baddie and even though I wasn’t impressed by how the Romulans looked (They look pretty much like Vulcans only more aggressive) he was still intense. You will of course know Bana from the film Troy playing Orlando Bloom’s brother Hector and as the Hulk from the failed 2003 film of the same name. You don’t really see him in any big time films so this was a refreshing change and hopefully it’s had a great impact on his career.

This film is packed with stars along with the main cast is John Cho from the Harold and Kumar films, Flashforward, the American Pie films who stars in this film as Sulu, Bruce Greenwood who plays Christopher Pike the original captain of the Enterprise who will be known from films such as I, Robot, Deja Vu and goes on to star in Abrams’ new film Super 8. Winona Ryder plays Spocks mother, Jennifer Morrison from House, Once Upon A Time and Warrior plays Kirk’s mother, Chris Hemsworth the guy who plays Thor plays Kirk’s father, Clifton Collins Jr from the TV show The Event and films like The Last Castle plays Ayel the second in command of the Romulans and Gregg Ellis who I recognized as the Lieutenant Groves from Pirates of the Caribbean plays a Red Shirt who gets swept under the drilling platform and gets vapourized and of course not forgetting the token Russian in the film Anton Yelchin plays the easily forgettable Chekov.


Overall Rating; This film is a masterpiece of casting and Abrams did a great job getting all of these people together. The only way to continue the series was either by going further into the future but stomping the same ground as before or going back in time, throwing away the timeline and starting again. Abrams did a fantastic job with this film and it’s not only my favourite Star Trek film of all time but it’s also the highest grossing Star Trek film ever made. If you want to get into Star Trek this is the film to help you accomplish that. I can’t wait for the new film to come out sometime in 2013, I never expected I’d have to wait four years but lucky for me three of those years have already passed by. The only nitpick I have about this film is the fact that they had Nimoy say the “Seek out new life and new civiliations” line at the end of the film; this should have been given to the new Kirk, not enough to effect my rating of the film though. I do love how it’s dedicated to both Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the creator of the entire series who died in 1991 and his wife who starred in the original series and then went on to voice the computer for the films, The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager who eventually died in 2008. A nice touch to the film and of course, without them, none of this would have been possible. What’s next for Star Trek?! Only the bossman himself knows! 10/10.

5 Responses to “The Dark Globe – Star Trek… In Review”

  1. That was one program i liked but the film won’t be the same.

    • Aye it won’t be the same as it’s 50 years older than the original series with different actors, it’s a lot more action packed than any previous show or film but it does a great job and I think you’d be impressed. 🙂

  2. Well Pete, not only did you Review a Film that I would have Reviewed… But you just about Covered everything, lol

    I wonder if Abrams just being So Damn Busy/Productive, both in Film Making, and Television Producing, explains the 4 Year Wait… But like you say, oh well, as that’s only a year away now. (P.S., “Person of Interest” is quickly becoming one of my Favorite shows on T.V., which I believe Abrams Created. “Downton Abbey” is my Favorite (which may not be your thing), followed by “Once Upon A Time”, and “Grimm” is currently competing with “Person of Interest” for my Third Favorite. I can almost guarantee you that you’d love “Person of Interest”, check it out).

    I absolutely loved the New Spock, which is kinda cool, as Spock/Leonard Nimoy, has always been my All Time Favorite Star Trek Character.

    I also Loved Karl Urban (Have you seen him in the Bourne Movie? just awesome) in this Film, and his Portrayal of Bones… I just thought he was awesome, and like you, agree that Kirk, Spock, and Bone’s Chemistry Together, make this Film… Much like how it made the Original Series.

    Of Course, Roddenberry is the True Mastermind in all of this, as I’m sure you agree… And I think it’s cool that you made note of His Wife, who also I believe Played Deanna Troi’s Mom in The Next Generation, and was Splendid.

    I, like you, am a Serious Trekky… But also like you, don’t go to Conventions, or where the Outfits, lol… I just Love Good Sci-Fi, and the Star Trek Shows and Films have kept Sci-Fi Alive Better than just about Anything else, followed Closely by the Star Wars Films Etc.

    And you’re also Right, this overall Cast was awesome… And I agree that the Romulan’s, who I normally like, didn’t look to great in this Film.

    But like Most First Films in a Series (New Series in this case), The Introductions of the Main Characters is the Primary Theme.

    Great Review, Great Film, I’m with you.


    • Aye I have seen Persons of Interest, I’m behind a few episodes but I’ll make sure I’ll catch up on them before they start up again. Another Abrams show I’m hooked on is Fringe, it’s my favourite TV show since Lost. The man is a mastermind, he’s everywhere in media, I can only imagine the amount of money he’s raking in at the moment.

      This film is about the characters more than anything, can’t wait to see what they get up to in the sequel!


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