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January 8, 2012

The Dark Globe – Greetings and Salutations

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Greetings and Salutations… Happy New Year, and Greetings from The Dark Globe



Greetings and Salutations from The Dark Globe.

I hope all of you had a Happy New Year, and maybe even got a Present or two of your liking.

I’m glad to be back, lol

Not that I really went to far… Just got in my car and drove as far as I could get, before turning around and getting back here to do this post, lol.

But really, this should be an interesting Year…

I suppose this wouldn’t be a bad time to do a bit of a Review, and Update of our Different Section/Pages on the Site… So here we go.

The Inaugural Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards went quite well, and I even got several of the Winners to do some Guest Posts in the last week… You can see them in the Outstanding Artist Awards Section, The Writer’s Voice Section, or The Dark Globe Site News Section…

Pete, Quill and Pdk were all made Senior Writers for The Dark Globe, so Gratz to them… Better Parking, and a Pay Raise I hope? Hmm Gratz Guys, I appreciate all your Efforts in getting the Dark Globe off the Ground.

Film Reviews – Pete’s been doing some really strong Films Reviews for the Site, and I do one on occasion… But he’s really been helping me and the Site out.

The Writer’s Voice – Has many Posts, by several different Writers on the Site.

Technology – I’ve done a couple Technology Related Posts, but as Technology is something I use, but don’t know tons about, I hope to track down some Writers for that Section this year.

Fashion – Is looking good, got a couple Articles in there.

Music – Once again, hope to track down some Writers for that section, but will continue to Link Articles from my Main Blog The Written Word, as I often do pieces about Music, and/or Musicians over there.

Featured Novels and Poems from the Crew – Quill Featured one of her Novels in November, and I Featured a couple of my Poems in December… Quill is likely to Feature some more of her work in January.

Photos and Photography – Mark has been doing a Great Job at supplying the Site with some of his Photos, and even Premiered his First Ever Street Photography on his last Post. He’s also supplied some information for Beginning Photographers who are just starting out… So Thanks Mark.

Health or Diet – I had done a few Health Posts on The Written Word, as well as one on The Dark Globe I believe, but Pdk has been adding several Posts that touch on Health, so you should definitely check those out.

Writing The Craft – A Couple Different of our Writers have contributed to that Section/Page, and I hope to get some more Writers to as well…

Finance and Economy – This section has been a bit slim, and I really hope to track down some Writers for this section… Especially with all that’s going on World Wide with the Economy, some Good Advice, is likely to be well received, and Appreciated.

Short Stories From The Crew – Pdk has really Spear Headed this Section, with many Pieces that our Readers really seem to like… Check them out if you haven’t.

Deep Impact – I’ve written several pieces here, and Highly Encourage other Writers, Photographers Etc. to Post some Pieces for it… We’ve all had people in our lives that have had a Deep Impact on us, and I think it’s a great way for all of us to get to know one another a bit more… Writer, Photographer, Artist and Readers alike.

Defining Moments – Is also a section that I’ve contributed to, but we also had another one of our Writers add a piece as well… Definitely a Good section for any of us to Contribute to…

West Coast Yankee Fan – Okay, Okay… So this Section/Page is a bit of a Writer’s Indulgence, lol… Namely, me. But I do Highly Encourage other Baseball Fans, Crew, or Guest Writers, to Contribute to it as well… By Writing a Piece about “Their Team” of Choice… As it’s not just a Yankee Section/Page. It’s more of a Baseball Section/Page.

Recommended Sites (Dark Blog Roll) – As a way to allow Sufficient Room for all of the Bloggers out there that we would Recommend our Readers to Check out, I created this page. Check it out, there’s some really Great Sites.

Dark Globe Site News – Just a way to Keep our Readers Further Aware, and Involved with the Happening in, on, and behind the workings of the Site.

Dark Chat – Also as an Experiment, I created a ChatRoll for The Dark Globe, just Click the Picture of the Globe on the Upper Right side of the Site… Which gives Readers and Crew an opportunity to Chat if they’d like, as it’s basically like a Site Chat Room… I may also use these ChatRolls in the Future, as a way to Create some Question and Answer Events on the Site, where we let people know ahead of time about a Specific Guest that will be on there, and willing to take some questions etc. We shall see, it’s just an Experiment so far.

I’ll go ahead and Close here, I really appreciate all the Support from Crew and Readers Alike during 2011, and I look forward to bringing you all more and more Writers, Photographers, Artists Etc. to check out.

Thanks for your Listening/Reading


PHOTO CREDIT – Happy New Year 2012

January 8, 2012

WordPress App

by quillwielder

The WordPress 1.5.1 app is a nifty little app that allows bloggers like me to access my blogs (both this one and Quill Wielder) from anywhere I can get internet. The app opens to a choice of which blog you wish to access, upon choosing my own blog I am greeted with four tabs: Comments, Posts, Pages, and Stats.

Here I can view all my comments; check my stats, and even write new posts…all from my phone. This is absolutely amazing. Of course this App is no substitute for the WordPress site. You can’t change your themes, see your blog the way others do on a computer, add polls, edit links and more. But this little App does everything you need it to do for the blogger on the go. I recommend that any WordPress blogger with a ‘smart’ phone or an iPad should get this App and get blogging.

I have to add that since I wrote this the App has been updated to version 2.0 and it is now even better. The things that I had issue with are still present, but the  App’s look has had a facelift and there are more buttons to click on, making it easier to navigate. Same buttons mentioned before are still present with the addition of a ‘new post’, ‘quick photo’, ‘quick video’, and ‘new page’.

I like the addition of ‘Quick photo’ and ‘quick video’. It allows you to take a photo or video from your phone right there and then, wherever you are, and post it straight away. How cool is that?

Can’t wait for another update.

January 8, 2012

How Much is a Degree Really Worth?

by The Joe Blogs
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As the Christmas break draws to an end I try to emotionally prepare myself for living without good food and clean clothes, if deposited at the right place, again: life’s hard as a student. The thought of returning to University dump those nervous butterflies into my stomach as I realise I have rather a lot of work to do and rather little time to complete it in, again, life’s hard as a student!

Meeting up with friends who also study at Uni’s all over the country made me realises how much I compare my experiences with theirs, in a slightly competitive manner, competitions good anyway, right? I mean it’s not like I’ve reduced them to a shivering wreck on the floor because I keep screaming ‘I win, I win.’ It’s not like that, I don’t, well, screaming has very negative connotations these days, unfairly negative! Anyway, hearing about everyone’s experiences got me thinking, yep dangerous stuff, how much is adegree really worth?

Maybe it’s something you can’t put a price on, but Universities are pretty quick to give it a go. My tuition fees are at the delightful total of £3,375 and for the amount of doors that a degree opens in life then maybe that’s a fair price, who can really say. However, it’s a lot of money to spend when there is no guarantee of a job at the end, especially in our slightly worse for wear economic climate.

Now, I must note that I love my university and I have learnt so much, not just academic knowledge but real life experiences, that I believe at the end of my three years I will be a much more rounded individual. Obviously, everyone has a certain allegiance to their own university and wants the best from it and for it, but I must say I sometimes wonder what my fees are actually being spent on. Unfortunately, it may not be anything that is advantageous to my learning experience.

A little too harsh? I’ll explain why I feel slightly aggrieved about the whole issue of paying thousands of pounds to learn independently for a few years. My main problem comes from the fact that I have a seminar leader who is scarcely older than me, and studying for a PhD. I fully sympathise that in his own private opinion his PhD is his priority, it would be for me, but paying as much as I do for my degree status I can’t help feel a little short changed. I want to be taught be men and women who are experienced in their field with a real desire to enthuse others, not by those who are taking the opportunity to achieve their doctorate status.

Am I being to harsh? Or are we students being led a merry dance by Universities who sneakily abuse our desire for knowledge by taking a little too much and giving back not quite enough?