WordPress App

by quillwielder

The WordPress 1.5.1 app is a nifty little app that allows bloggers like me to access my blogs (both this one and Quill Wielder) from anywhere I can get internet. The app opens to a choice of which blog you wish to access, upon choosing my own blog I am greeted with four tabs: Comments, Posts, Pages, and Stats.

Here I can view all my comments; check my stats, and even write new posts…all from my phone. This is absolutely amazing. Of course this App is no substitute for the WordPress site. You can’t change your themes, see your blog the way others do on a computer, add polls, edit links and more. But this little App does everything you need it to do for the blogger on the go. I recommend that any WordPress blogger with a ‘smart’ phone or an iPad should get this App and get blogging.

I have to add that since I wrote this the App has been updated to version 2.0 and it is now even better. The things that I had issue with are still present, but the  App’s look has had a facelift and there are more buttons to click on, making it easier to navigate. Same buttons mentioned before are still present with the addition of a ‘new post’, ‘quick photo’, ‘quick video’, and ‘new page’.

I like the addition of ‘Quick photo’ and ‘quick video’. It allows you to take a photo or video from your phone right there and then, wherever you are, and post it straight away. How cool is that?

Can’t wait for another update.


3 Comments to “WordPress App”

  1. Very Cool

    Thanks Quill


  2. The new app doesn’t seem to be working on my Android phone properly, it lets me check stats but that’s about it. The comments and add new posts feature just leads me back to the opening page when clicked. Oh well 😦

    • That’s strange. Mine seems to be working fine, though if yours is getting buggy, then they’ll probably have an update to fix it soon.

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