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January 9, 2012

The Ascension Of Madness

by 'Ard Pete

When the clock struck 12 and it became 2012, DarkJade posted the results of the Dark Globe Awards 2011, I somehow managed to obtain a joint first along with Harry and Lorna.

DJ then asked everyone to do a guest post, share a little about themselves and generally talk about why they’re awesome. I haven’t yet done one of these posts and while it’s not really a guest post (as I’m already a Dark Globe writer) I thought it’d be cool to do one of these posts anyway.

Lorna, Harry, Kirsty and Michael have done a great job not only entertaining me but hundreds of others as well and they all deserved the honour they have been given.

I started my blog back in July of last year, I didn’t really know what to expect when I started up this blog. My first blog experience was named “The Life of ‘Ard” which was hosted on Tumblr. I started a blog there mainly because my friend Lexxie has her blog there, though it’s difficult to know what sort of following you get plus not many people comment and there’s no such community like there is here.

The blog pretty much ended the end of last year when I left for France. When I came back from France on this day exactly one year ago I decided to rename my blog, revamp it. I called it The Ascension of Madness. But again the same problems I had with Tumblr were still there. Was I just blogging to thin air? I don’t know.

Then I found out about WordPress, I signed up. I was going to call it Evolution of Hatred but renamed it before I even started the blog to Evolution of Insanity as it just sounded better.

My first post was basically a long winded review of the Stargate franchise, I wrote this mainly because I had just finished watching every single episode of Stargate from start to finish. I then wrote “Born In The Wrong Decade” which turned out to be quite the hit. I just went from there. The subscribers steadily came in, slowly but surely, I was beginning to get somewhat noticed around the WordPress community.

At the time of starting the blog I was back working for a telemarketing firm and after treating me like someone’s bitch, just got up and walked out. I was angry at myself for allowing myself to go back there and angry at them for treating me the way they did. I needed a place to vent and used my blog as a platform.

Saying things I couldn’t really tell my friends. My friends all think that I’m some bloke that fears nothing and just takes everything on the chin. A guy who gets bothered by nothing. How could I tell them otherwise?

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I do get bothered by things. Constantly being dealt a crap hand in the card game of life is starting to wear and tear on my mentality. It sometimes gets to the point where I can barely bring myself to get out of bed.

I log on Facebook and see all my other friends having a good time with their jobs, with their life, generally not a care in the world.

I come on to WordPress and all I see is love and support from the people that follow me. These people, though I don’t know them in the real world and probably never will, I consider friends. The people who cheer me up and give me the will to continue doing what I’m doing. You have no idea how much you mean to me and how grateful I really am.

It’s you guys that keep Evolution of Insanity going. It’s because of WordPress that I’ve been able to flex my creative muscle with my other two blogs, Twist of Hate and The Writing Asylum. Anyone that insults WordPress obviously has no idea what they’re talking about.

So I just want to say thank you to everyone that has ever subscribed to me, from the ones that subscribed first all the way to the most recent subscribers. Over 100 of you found me interesting enough to click that little “Follow” button in the top admin bar or subscribing by e-mail and that in it self is truly mind-boggling.

Thank you to DarkJade for almost always being the first to read my posts, setting up the Dark Globe, setting up the Dark Globe awards and just being an awesome friend in general.

Anyway, enough mushiness, piss off.


January 9, 2012

‘Ard Pete’s 2011 Favorite T.V. Shows… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

After the man himself, DJ posted a list of his favourite television shows he suggested I do a list of my own which I thought was a grand idea! 2011 has been a big year in television for me as I was deeply missing Lost which will forever be my all time favourite television show. But last year seemed to have made up for it by producing awesome television shows.

Although where as DarkJade posted a list of his favourite TV shows with ratings (He rated some of his own favourite television shows quite low, which is a bit odd… :P) I’m just going to tell you my top 10 shows of the year in descending order. Usually a show has to reach its second season for me to consider it a favourite but lets see how it goes as I randomly try to think of my top ten tv shows of 2011!

I was going to compile this list as purely American shows that are 40 mins in length (Or an hour of television) but have decided to include all types of shows including the half hour ones.

Starting off at Number 10:

I first saw David Duchovny in the hit show X-Files, some stuffy overly obsessed guy on the hunt for the aliens that took her daughter. My dad had the first few series of Californication, I decided to give it ago and my God. How does someone become so extremely AWESOME?! Duchovny plays writer and novelist Hank Moody, a sex crazed maniac and lives pretty much the exact life I want to lead. The series only gets better as it goes on and having already seen the first episode of the fifth series, I cannot wait for the show to return!

Number 9:

The character: Patrick Jane, his profession: Master of the mind. Working with the police after he insulted a serial killer on television who then killed his wife and kid. Finally thought he captured the killer at the end of the last season after he shot him in the middle of a mall. Only to realise that it was yet another imposter to throw him off the scent. He somehow gets released from prison and he’s back on the hunt. The best moment was in the last episode that’s just been on where he has a bout of amnesia only to be reminded who he was by seeing the calling call of the killer. You could sense the dread, hatred and sadness filling his face as his memory returns.

Number 8:

How can you not love Chuck? Just a regular guy who gets roped into being a top secret CIA asset after obtaining the “Intersect”. The show has evolved to the point where the Intersect isn’t the focal point of the show any more, currently on it’s fifth season and reportedly last season, this show has kept me entertained constantly and will be sorely missed once it’s finished. Adam Baldwin plays his usual badass role, which as you know is forever awesome.

Number 7:

I’ve been a fan of Buscemi since I can remember. Any role he is in I love, this is quite possibly his greatest role yet, playing Nookie Thompson basically the king of Atlantic City. The acting by everyone in this show is stellar at all times and has even introduced me to Michael Shannon who plays an FBI agent hot on Thompson’s ass, until he’s eventually on the fugitive list. To see what I believe was the US in the early 20th century you need to get this watched, you won’t be disappointed. (Plus there’s plenty of boobs to see as if the case of all HBO shows!)

Number 6:

Nothing like a bit of comic relief to make you forget about your life for 20 minutes. Four geeks and a blonde idiot screams comedy and this show would be nothing if it didn’t have Sheldon Cooper involved. He is truly the star of the show!

Number 5:

By far one of my all time favourite shows, I am a massive fan of Hugh Laurie and I’m really proud of him for making it big in America, I remember watching him in Blackadder as a young child and in “A Bit Of Fry And Laurie” with his best friend Stephen Fry. This show is genius and last season was probably the best yet. This season is most likely the final season so you can be sure it’s going to go out with a bang. Thanks for keeping me entertained for the last nine years!

Number 4:

How could I possibly create a list such as this and not include this show? A lot of you American readers won’t have heard of Karl Pilkington, but you’d do well getting to know him. Over the last year I have become obsessed, the man is both a massive idiot and in his own right; a genius. His success is a result of being friends with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, I have read his books, listened to his podcasts and watched this show. He has always provided me with entertainment, even though the podcast is called “The Ricky Gervais Show” the show is all about Karl Pilkington. He’s a typical Englishman with typical Englishman thoughts. He hates travelling abroad and the episode in the first season where he went to China is exactly how I acted when I was in China t’other year! Just completed the second season, I’m not sure there’ll be a third but I sure as hell can’t wait to see what’s next from this man.

Number 3:

Some may class this as a woman’s show, you may be right. But I am a sucker for anything to do with vampires ever since I was hooked on Spike in Buffy. The reason I started watching this show is because of Ian Somerhalder or indeed, Boone from Lost. His character is probably the most interesting on this show.

Number 2:

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really like anything to do with zombies. I find the whole concept extremely overdone. I don’t even like horror films, the only horror I’m really into is the SAW franchise and that’s only because of how much of a big fan of Tobin Bell I am. I decided to give this show a go because of the cast that was involved and it’s given me a whole new outlook on Zombies shows. Based off the graphic novels this show is both scary and gripping, the acting is incredible and I really can’t wait for this show to resume (NEXT MONTH?!?!). If you can make sure you watch the first season, it’s only six episodes long for some reason but definitely worth it and you won’t be wasting your time.

Number 1:

The start of the show gets off to a slow start, you have to weather it through but by the time you get to the end of the first season you’ll be glad you stuck it out. Like most shows, the best ones take a while for them to be great. I agreed with DJ’s initial assessment that I thought this show would stuck because of the Dawsons Creek guy. But once you watch him in this show he’s gotten rid of that stigma and is now the “Guy from Fringe”. Season 3 was one of the best seasons ever produced on television in my opinion and now we’re on Season Four, the season hasn’t even begun to get interesting yet and is on par to living up to the season before. Most shows start off great but soon fail in storytelling, get boring, fizzle out and eventually go away to die. This show only gets better with each passing year, another reason why J.J. Abrams is Television.

There you have my list, these are my favourite shows from the last year. Some of the shows that I have been watching recently have been pretty interesting and should they get to a second season then I’ll keep watching, after all with shows like Chuck and House coming to an end I will need more to fill the void. Shows like Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Person of Interest, Homeland (An amazing show if you haven’t watched this yet) and Alphas have done or been doing great this past year and I hope they all get renewed for a second season.

The years biggest fail? Terra Nova. So much potential wasted on such boring story and plot. This deserves to be cancelled.

Until next time!