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January 11, 2012

A Dedication – Too Young… Too Cool

by darkjade68

You know, I’ve noticed one of my Posts that seems to get a few Views is one I did about “Those We’ve Lost”… And it’s funny, because I on occasion find myself going to the post, because I have a Song/Video on there that I like…

In fact, the Video of the Song is actually what inspired me to do the Piece… It was a Dedication to a Friend that a Group of People had lost…

On that note, as I was listening to that song, and playing that Video again… I started to think of some People in the Film Industry that we had lost, at way too young an Age…

A Few Actors in particular came to mind… Actors that I Whole Heartedly Admired.

Such as Brandon Lee

Now granted, at the time that he passed, I hadn’t really been all that exposed to him…

But he was one of my Greatest Heroes Son’s, Bruce Lee

Which made me drawn to him… And when I saw him in The Crow, I knew that he was very Special… On a Human Level… Like his Dad.

I remember being quite sad about it at the time, as he was someone I looked forward to getting to know, via Films Etc…

And don’t even get me started on Heath Ledger

There was something so Deep, and Innately Cool about that guy…

Not to mention he reminded me of a very Special Cousin of mine…

And Ironically his Last Role, that I saw him in anyway, was that of The Joker in the New Batman Film at the time.

Which, by the way, he was Amazing in…

Like Brandon, who also Played a White Makeup’d Comic Character.

I had really looked forward to see what kind of work he was going to bring to us in the Future…



And Last, but not Least, River Phoenix

Now I’m not just trying to Hash up a bunch of Pain for all of you Film Buffs out there, but come on man, the Kid was Amazing…

In fact after Stand By Me, he quickly became one of my Favorite Actors at that time, joining the Ranks of Sean Connery and Harrison Ford…

Which was also Ironic, as all three of them ended up being in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Needless to say, I was in Film Goer Heaven…

But the Truth was, like many people, I was a tad bit Shattered when I found out about his Passing.

Not only did his Character Chris remind me of my Best Friend as a kid, who was also Named Chris… But also was a Little Bad A$$, who was stronger emotionally beyond his years…

Which could pretty much be said about not only River Phoenix, but all three of these Actors.

So Here’s to you Brandon, Heath and River…

Thank you for what you brought to us in Film, and in Being Human…

You are Missed… And will continue to be Missed

Thanks for Listening/Reading


January 11, 2012

The Dark Globe Featured Novel: Dragon Wielders

by quillwielder

I was asked to feature another novel for January and I’ve decided to talk about my second fantasy novel, still a work in progress, Dragon Wielders.


Long ago the five remaining dragons were turned into pieces of jewellery in order to stop the dragon war. Hundreds of years later the evil dragon, Zabood, has been freed. It is up to Raida and her bonded dragon, Pax, to find the remaining dragons, their bondmates, and set them free. Only with the help of the other dragons will Takes have any chance of stopping Zabood from enslaving their world.

About the Author:

I’ve always been a lover of fantasy especially dragons. I’ve got a heap of dragon statues above my bookcase. I’ve just always loved the mystery, powers, and history of them. Writing a novel about dragons has been a long dream of mine but it was only last year that I came up with a story plot that I loved with characters that evolved with every stroke of my pen.

As I began to write this story it seemed to flow so naturally, even more natural than my first novel The Keeper: Ancestors’ Knives. But I had to edit my first novel and soon Dragon Wielders was put on the back burner. Once my novel was ready for publishers I had the new idea of a children’s series brewing in my mind that just had to be written, so once again the dragon’s story was left untold.  I am hoping that this year I will get back to it. I am determined to finish it; it’s a story I’m passionate about.

Sample Chapter:

(This is the first chapter as it is now, written and unedited)

Chapter One

“Please, Raida, please tell us the story,” the children of Ubera chanted from the campfire like a choir of birds.

Raida could hear them from her hut. She sat cross legged, a cup of root tea in her hands. Her eyes were closed as she breathed it in. The chants grew louder and she smiled, not something she did often. Her eyes fluttered open revealing her piercing yellow eyes, a trait she shared with her tribe. Placing the tea on the floor, Raida picked up her green toga and wrapped it around her olive skin. The finished product was a skirt and shoulder top combo. Though she preferred the feel of the earth under her feet, she wore high sandals – her mother’s sandals.

The evening was warm and sticky. She brushed back wavy, black hair from her face and stepped into the fire’s light. She was greeted with many pairs of yellow eyes, watching her eagerly. They were her people, her tribe – Uberfáng. They were sometimes called savages by outsiders, but the people of Ubera were merely in touch with the land. It was their appearance that threw people – sandals, bracelets, togas, and of course tattoos; each one a mark for accomplishment among the tribe. Raida had received three; a knotted pattern on her left upper arm for becoming of age after killing her first animal. The second was a pattern of triangles around her bellybutton, visible between the gap in her toga dress, it was marked for bravery during a great flood many seasons ago. The third, an elaborate dragon covering most of her back, its origins were unknown to most of her tribe and Raida never spoke of it.

The Uberfáng lived on a plain encircled with mountains and forests. It was their land and Raida knew it like she knew nothing else. Usually Raida would have enjoyed the scenery, but tonight her mind was troubled.


She was pulled back from her worry and back to reality. A young girl tugged at Raida’s toga, her yellow eyes full of wonder. “Alright,” she answered, “story time.”

A chorus of ‘yays’ rang out as Raida sat with the children by the fire. The weather was warm, but the Uberfáng were used to it. Other Uberfáng gathered also, Raida’s story was one they had heard many times, but it was so shrouded in intrigue and mystery that it appealed to all. Raida knew the story well; her mother had told it to her as a child.

“In the beginning…” Her words washed over the tribe and silence fell. “The world was without races, and elements roamed free through the forests and mountains. But it was lonely without anyone else and so each element – fire, water, earth, air and spirit – each gave birth to an egg. They were nourished and cared for until one day they hatched and the first race was born – the dragons.” Raida moved her hands through the fire’s smoke and the form of an egg hatching rose into the sky. The children watched on in awe. The image changed and a great dragon flew around the fire. “The five originals bred and their race thrived for thousands of years.

“As time passed other races were born, among them the Uberfáng. The world was in a state of peace and balance. Then everything changed.” Raida’s tone deepened, her eyes falling into shadow. “Zabood, a dragon of water, turned on his kin. His lust for power started the dragon wars. It lasted for thousands of years, which for a dragon is not much time at all. Many dragons were forced to pick sides, turning their backs on family and friends. They murdered each other in the fight for power and peace until only five dragons remained. Four were the youngest of their race’s element and the fifth – Zabood.

“Knowing they could not win the war and fearing their race’s extinction, the four young dragons called to their parents, the Elements. They begged for help to preserve their race and bring back peace. The elements agreed to assist the dragons, but it would come at a cost. The young dragons accepted, knowing it was their only hope; and so it was done. The Elements lured Zabood to the other dragons, atop the Spirit Mountain and cast their spell. Zabood and the four dragons – the last of their kind – were bound and transformed into five pieces of jewellery. They would slumber in metal for all time.

“And so the world was once again peaceful, but the Elements felt a heavy guilt over the part they played in the world’s torture. And so they decided to leave our world, taking their magic with them.

“But what about the dragons?” squeaked a little girl.

“Shhhh, she’s getting to that,” replied another.

“The elements chose the safest place they could think of and so they came to Ubera; where they approached its leader, Raven. She was very young, but the elements saw her courage, truth and they knew she would protect them. And she did, Raven spent the rest of her years making sure no one would find the dragons.” Raida gazed around the fire at the satisfied faces and a single hand up. “Yes, Callie?” Raida asked.

“Um,” started Callie, unsure whether to ask her question, “why did Raven have to protect the dragons? Why could no one find them?”

Raida had never been questioned on her story before and hoped she never would, but Callie was sharp. She was very young, but her mind was quizzical. Raida thought about how she would answer and unconsciously touched her silver armband. It was wrapped around her upper arm, and shaped like a dragon, its eyes watchful.

“The legend says,” she continued, “the only way to free the dragons from the jewel cases is to find their bondmate, someone from another race, and that person would become De’za – Dragon Wielder.”

This added bit of information caused a flow of hushed whispers and excitement.

“Where are the dragons now?” Callie asked, more confident now. “And which dragon are you bonded to? You have a dragon jewel.”

The children fell silent again, having never made the connection to Raida’s armband and the story before. They awaited the answer eagerly.

“Callie, it’s a story,” Raida replied, “it’s not real; only a story to entertain you children.”

“But you have the armband and the elements part is true, they did create our world.”

“And doesn’t everyone find the story more exciting if certain parts are true? So I used true elements to create an untrue story. Understand?”

Callie nodded, but Raida could tell she wasn’t convinced. Callie was very clever, but she also had an overactive imagination. Raida knew she would be trying to convince her from now on.

“Well, that is the end of the story and it’s now time for you to go to bed.”

“Aww,” sang the children, but parents were already ushering them to huts. Raida stood and watched for a while and when they were tucked in bed, she snuck off into the shadows.

The Uberfáng were very respectful to their dead. They had many burial chambers spread throughout the mountains like catacombs. Every deceased Uberfáng was given a sort of party in their honour where the body was placed in the centre of the village and the rest of the tribe celebrated their life through song, dance and food. The closest family member to the deceased was tasked with hunting an animal for the feast to show they were still strong.

The body was burnt at sunset and the ashes gathered in an urn, the urns were placed in the burial chambers with their ancestors. To not be buried this way was disrespectful and only the forsaken of their vi

January 11, 2012

The Dark Globe – The Guard… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

I remember watching this film randomly at a cinema. My girlfriend had told me that a film she wanted to see had just come out at the cinema, I can’t remember what it was called but the point was she was wrong. It wasn’t due to come out until the week after! So as we were already at the cinema we thought we may aswell watch something while we’re there and The Guard was the only film that was due to be shown soon so we randomly bought two tickets for this.

Now Brendan Gleeson you may remember from In Bruges, in what is definitely one of my favourite films. So I didn’t really mind that we had to watch this film instead. Much to my surprise this film ended up being absolutely fantastic, one of the best films of the year in my opinion. A black comedy in genre, not black comedy in the form of something like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but black comedy in the form of; you know you shouldn’t laugh, but it’s just too damn funny.

Brendan Gleeson out does himself from In Bruges and puts on a comical masterpiece here. There was no need for special effects or big casting, this film was really basic compared to other films I’ve seen this year but it’s earned a 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and extremely positive reviews across the board.


Story; This is probably one of the easiest stories to explain of any film I’ve reviewed. Basically three Irish men and an Englishman are trying to smuggle “Half a billion’s worth” of cocaine into Ireland. An FBI agent is sent to Ireland to help the Garda (The Irish police) take down this drug trafficking gang. However the whole of the police force are on the take (bribery) so it’s up to the lone policeman and the FBI agent to take them down themselves.

The whole film is funny all the way through and I think this was the main point of the film with the actual plot coming second. Normally this is a drastic mistake but as I said, it’s done so brilliantly that you just don’t care. The fact that there’s swearing in just about every sentence (as is the case with the Irish) is highly amusing. Even the blatant racism you can help but laugh at.

For example, the first scene Cheadle appears in trying to brief the police force about the drug traffickers, Brendan Gleeson pipes up with:

Gleeson: I thought only black lads are drug dealers?

Cheadle: I’m sorry what?

Gleeson: I thought only black lads are drug dealers… and Mexicans? What do they call them, they have a word for them… MULES! Drug mules!

Gleeson’s Boss: Now that’s enough out of you, apologize.

Gleeson: Huh? What? Apologize for what?

Cheadle: Your racist slurs for one.

Gleeson: I’m Irish, racism is part of my culture!

Then after a brief scuffle with one of his colleagues after telling him to f**k off back to Dublin:

Gleeson: Only having a bit of fun like. Don’t mean nothin’ by it.

Cheadle: Right, half a billion dollars worth of cocaine and you think this is a fit subject for levity?

Gleeson: Street value.

Cheadle: Excuse me?

Gleeson: Street value. You lads are always announcing the seize of drugs with a worth at a street value of 10 million dollars or 20 million dollars, half a billion dollars. I do always wonder; what street it is your buying your cocaine on because it’s not the same street I’m buying my cocaine on.

That first scene between Cheadle and Gleeson is just comic genius at its finest and you really need to watch it to fully appreciate it.



Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) – He really does play the stereotypical Irishman in this film. While he has starred in such films as Troy, the Harry Potter series, Gangs of New York and other big name films; he shines the most when he’s playing the independent films. I became a fan of his when I watched In Bruges with Colin Farrell and this performance only raised his stock in my opinion.

FBI Agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) – I’m sure we all know Cheadle from various films, Iron Man 2 being his most recent before this film. The Oceans 11 series of films, The Family Man etc, etc… He does well at being the odd person out in this film. A fish out of water best describes him and he plays the role well. His chemistry with Gleeson in this film is perfect and you can tell he really had a great time playing this role.

Clive Cornell (Mark Strong) – And of course with every film you need a worthy adversary. Mark Strong is more than enough to fill this position. It’s like this guy was created to play bad guys in films whether it’s Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass, Robin Hood, Stardust or many others he’s starred in he always does a perfect job. English people make the best antagonists I think, it’s our accent. Well, not my accent, I sound too nice to be a villain. But you can add this film to his long list of bad guy roles.

The supporting cast does a brilliant job at providing additional humour, especially the little kid in the film. Though the three actors mentioned above are really the only actors of any note. But really, with those three, you don’t need anything more than that.


Overall Rating; This film earned the honour of being the highest grossing Irish independent film of all time, I don’t know how many independent Irish films there have been but I guess it’s an accomplishment none the less. It’s won awards, it’s been given high marks from everyone that’s seen it. This is the perfect film if you’re looking for a spot of action and a lot of “wrong” comedy. The opening scene itself with the speeding car instantly draws you into the film. If you are able to buy or rent it, do it. Because this film is definitely 10/10.