The Dark Globe – February Shoot Off!

by darkjade68

This is the Dark Globe’s Preliminary Introduction to our Up and Coming Photography Competition, which will take place between February 1st, and February 14th. Which is Titled, Dark Globe’s February Shoot Off!

It is yet to be determined, but there will be Specific Theme attached to the Contest, which will be included on the Launch of the Contest Post which will occur on February 1st.

Unlike our Outstanding Artist Awards, the winner shall not be determined by the Readers… No, instead, there will be a Panel of 9 Judges, which shall include myself/DarkJade, along with my/our Three Senior Writers, Ace “Pete”, Pdk and Quill… Also, Our Senior Photographer, Mark

In addition to our Dark Globe People, I’ve also asked the rest of our Outstanding Artist Award Winners to also be Judges… This will be Harry from dribblingpensioner, Michael Cargall, Noiri (Kirsty) from La Plume Noire, and Lorna from Lora’s Voice, and they have all Confirmed that they would like to be involved.

Even though you the Readers will not be Voting for the Finalists, or Winner, you very much can be involved in either Submitting a Photo for the Competition, or by letting people you know, know about the Contest, so that they can Submit a Photo…

Once again, this is just an Announcement/Preliminary Post, and the Official Launch Post will be Posted on February 1st

At this point we will simply have Contestants Post me  a Link to their Photo…

The Launch Post will have more Details, such as The Chosen Theme the Photo should include, The Contest Rules, and how to Submit your Photo (‘s)…

Thanks for Listening/Reading

I look forward to Getting this Going in February

Until then, Thank You for your Continued Support of The Dark Globe, and All Our Contributing Artists


To Get More involved, or to Talk about the Up and Coming Event, Join Us in Our Dark Globe Forum Here February Shoot Out!


5 Comments to “The Dark Globe – February Shoot Off!”

  1. Hi,
    What a great idea, and a good way to meet other bloggers as well. 😀

  2. Great idea. You sure have a way of drumming up interest and bringing people together. Are you sure you’re not some kind of highly compensated marketer in the business world?

  3. Awesome! Sounds great. I’m looking forward to seeing all the photographs.

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