February Shoot Off! Help Us Choose the Theme (‘s)

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe February Shoot Off! Photography Contest

Help Us Choose our Themes

These are the ones that have been Suggested by Our Judges



Dark Globe Forum February Shoot Out!

19 Comments to “February Shoot Off! Help Us Choose the Theme (‘s)”

  1. I’m excited about his little contest! 🙂

  2. I’ve sent this to twitter too … – good luck!

  3. What fun! I’ve voted, but I’ll go with anything (at least, I hope I will 😉 )

  4. Hi,
    I am looking forward to seeing all the different photo’s, I think it is a great idea. 😀

  5. Voted for the theme and shared it on twitter 😉 It seems like a very nice idea! Congrats

  6. looks like fun…thanks for the head’s up.

  7. Naked fat midgets. FTW.

  8. Another awesome challenge. Yay! btw, who won the last photo challenge?

    • This is Our First Ever Photo Competition… The Submissions Ended Yesterday, and you’re in it… Winners will be Announced February 15th. We had The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards at the End of last year, but this is the First Pure Photo Contest we’ve had


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