Hello Facebook… Goodbye Facebook?

by darkjade68

So, up until now, I’ve never had the remotest interest in Facebook.

I totally understand the Connecting with people thing, I had a Myspace, which I never hardly used.

But being as I have just Self Published my First Ever Book, I thought it might be a way to open some Channels to people that might be interested in the the Subject, which is Poetry.

So I decided to Create an Account last night.

Or did I?

After Three Hours of Battling with it last night, and a half an hour this morning, I have officially Deactivated it, lol.

I would have Deleted it completely, but like everything else I determined about it, you have to do something else in order to do it, and I just wanted off it.

Do me a Favor, Sell me on Facebook… I really want to hear why people are using it…

Maybe it’s just me, if something’s not Intuitive, I’ll rarely use it… And if I get the Remotest Sense that someone is trying to get me to do something they want me to do, I’m out of there.

I understand they need to make money with it, or want to… But, pushing me around isn’t the way.

The truth is, I don’t let anyone push me around… Heck, maybe that’s why I don’t have tons of Friends in general… I’m definitely not a Loner, or I would have never made a Site like The Dark Globe… No, I like People.

But Independence man, is Friggen Huge to me.

One of the First things I see as I walk in the Door of Facebook is, them Changing Their Main Format to something called Timeline… And all over the Friggen Place, I see People not liking it, and just wanting their Original Format Back.

In the end, I think I set up a “Page”, but could never find a way to get to a “Personal Account”… From what I read, you need a Personal Account to make a “Page”… But it seems like I made a Page First, and have not been able to find anything resembling a Personal Account.

Eh, maybe this is a 20% Rant, but really, Explain this stuff to me, I’m generally good with Computers, but basically I feel like I just spent 3 hours in a “Sticky Nerd Box”, where all I was trying to do is find out some “Extremely General Information”, and all Facebook seemed to want to do, is “Not Direct Me to Answers”, oh, and get me to “Use Their Ad Services”.

Nuff Said

Facebook Users Let me have it, I really  don’t mind… Maybe it will teach me something more than I was able to learn from the Actual Site Itself.



16 Comments to “Hello Facebook… Goodbye Facebook?”

  1. Sorry, I can’t explain it. I’ve asked people I know who are Facebook addicts why they like it, but all I can understand is “It helps me stay in touch with people.” Then I look at their Facebook pages, and can’t winnow out any real information about what they’re doing or thinking. I certainly don’t see how I could stay in touch with them in any meaningful way by using Facebook.

    Do. Not. Understand. Either. Harrumph.

    • I don’t know, part of it might, as many things, like with Microsoft, when something is Designed by a Through and Through Nerd… Or is it a Geek? I think they’ve defined “Geek” as the one’s that are Computer Savy, and Nerds, well, I don’t know, lol…

      Are both Nerds and Geeks Trekys? lol Or are Geeks Computer Savy, and Nerds just like Star Trek, and Drinking “Jolt Soda”, or something like that, lol (No Offense, as I played World of Warcraft for a while, Love Star Trek, and I like Computers, and Technology). So I suppose I have a bit of Geeky/Nerd in me, though I never really thought of it that way, until an ex-girlfriend mentioned that it was one of the reasons she liked me, lol

      But, as I was saying, maybe when it’s a Through and Through Geek that designs something, it’s basically the same as trying to Exist inside their Head…

      It’s the same thing I’ve found with Gates (Microsoft), and Steve Jobs (Love him, but, you’re basically inside his brain when you use his stuff).

      Oh well, thanks for your Comment Newpill


  2. I have family all over the place, and I really only use facebook to occasionally share photos of the kids or some event with them. But for my kids it is the platform of all their communication: they hardly use email anymore, they message through facebook and obsessedly track what their friends are up to and into. Their minds seem wired with connectivities I don’t personally seem to need.

    • Interesting, if I had successfully set up a “Personal” Account, maybe I could have Connected a Few People… But, unfortunately, I set up a “Page”, which I guess is a bit different.

      I kinda sorta understand what and why people are using it, but trying to Figure out the way it works, was not easy for me.

      And Facebook is of no help.

      There’s also a chance that my entry into the Facebook world has come at a time where they are changing their world, I.E. The Timeline Thing, and Page thing…

      And I was most likely caught up in a bit of “Funneling” on their end, them trying to direct me to use and do certain things… And that isn’t ok with me.

      I understand the whole “Myspace” aspect to it, maybe I just don’t like how hard it was to find anything out from them.

      Thanks for the Comment Kato


  3. I started a facebook page and after two weeks i deleted the site.

    I found it a total waste of my time.

    I’d rather connect through web sites and forums.

    There are better places to advertise your book.

    Facebook is no-no 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m not really Surprised… I’ve really never been inclined to Create a Site… Even though I really thoroughly enjoyed “The Social Network” Film, which was to a degree based on the Creation of Facebook.

      And now why I was not drawn to do it was Confirmed.

      Not just because I probably wouldn’t have much use for it, but rather because I really don’t like the Layout of it, and/or the lack of Connection with the people that Run it.

      I’m totally for staying Connected to the People we Like, or Love

      But after my Exceptionally Brief Connection to it, I do believe there are many more “Human”, and “Cooler” ways to Connect, even using The Internet.

      Nuff Said


  4. Funny, I was just blogging about how bored I was with Facebook yesterday! Your personal account can be your page… I have my facebook page, and then I created pages for my daughter (Singer). Anyway, if you wanna email me I could totally help you out with this….

  5. Hi,
    I don’t have a facebook account so I’m not of much help I’m afraid, but I have been on facebook through a friend who showed me her page and some of her friends pages, and I have to be honest I don’t see the attraction. But one of my friends who has family o/seas, is always on facebook talking to her family, this I can see as a benefit, being able to keep in touch with family and friends that are not close by, or in another country.

    • I definitely get the Connection thing, especially for people who have loved one’s in other places, I guess part of it was just my frustration when trying to find out some things… Seems to me it should be easier, but like I say, that might be their way of pushing you where they want you to go.

      Thanks for the Comment Mags


  6. For me, I guess it’s the only way to keep in touch with past school friends and teachers. A classmate once found me on Facebook, who i’ve totally forgotten about. We were friends when we were about 7 or 8 years old. Somehow she remembered my name and looked me up. Thus all the memories came rushing back. Amazing!

    In addition, I get a lot of traffic from Facebook. Its good to know that my friends and old school teachers like my work.

    • Nice, yeah, I was actually kind of looking forward to it, which was odd as I had never wanted to use it… But I suppose I’m easily frustrated when things are a bit illusive, and I was just trying to figure out some general stuff.

      Like I say, I totally get the Connection thing, and see how people can like it… It’s just some of the Mechanics of the Site that were given me a problem.

      It’s funny I Asked a question on one of the Help Forums, and even though I turned off my Account, I still was notified… So I went to see what their reply was, as maybe it would explain at least one of the things I was trying to figure out… And his reply was “Me too”, and he also added in another issue he was having, lol

      Oh well, maybe my Standards are too high, or my patience is too low, ha

      Thanks for the reply Noiri, that’s a really cool story.

      I definitely have some friends that I’ve lost along the way that I wouldn’t mind hearing from… in fact, the search for people you know feature is one of the things I was trying to figure out.

      Thanks for the Comment


  7. I have just one thing to say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………… ” Thanks for letting me get that out. I set up a facebook page and it’s relatively barren, and I only have two friends. I can’t figure out how to get or keep friends. It’s kind of like my real life. I’m a pretty lonely guy. I set my account up to have another way to market my book that’s coming out, but I’m having trouble. I think the key is to link back to your blogs with a Facebook like button. I have been trying for four days, and I can’t get it installed here at wordpress. It keeps saying it doesent recognize my facebook URL. I’m sure I’m putting in the right one. Maybe someone can help both me, and DarkJade. Thanks for listening to my little rant. Good luck DarkJade. Sorry to come over with my own problems. P. S. I ordered your poems, and I love the way you self-published, and set up marketing. pretty cool!

    • Yeah, I was setting a FB Site up to support my Book as well, and Future Books, I didn’t try the Facebook Link to WordPress, because I wont unless I’m happy with the Facebook Site, which at the moment I’m not obviously, as I deactivated it, lol

      But, we’ll see, I might mess with it again at some point, and if I do, I’ll let you know if I have any luck with the Link… I know the Architect I do some work for is also having an issue getting the Little Facebook Link Button to show up on his Site as well.

      I would help him, but he uses an Apple, and what’s called iWeb, or something like that, and sadly Apple is not my Specialty… Yet, as I do want to get one at some point.

      Thanks for your Comment Pdk, and Good Luck with FB, apparently one needs it, lol

      DarkJade- p.s. Wow, thanks for ordering a copy, I hope you like it

  8. I’ve had people on my friends list that I knew from school years ago and we never speak. I didn’t even speak to my friend Michelle until she started working with me. I don’t like Facebook, it’s just a way for me to know what my friends are up to but that’s about it. I was addicted when I opened an account six years ago but now it’s just annoying. Deleting someone off your friends list seems to be about the same as falling out with someone in real life. You’d do well not to bother with it anyway.

    Either that or it’s a tool for me to use to perv on random girls when I’m bored…

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