The 2012 Dark Globe February Shoot Off! Has Officially Begun!!

by darkjade68

First of all, thank you for coming…

Lets Get Started.

The 3 Themes;


People at Work


When we asked Our Readers which of the 16 Possible Themes they would like to see Photographers Shoot for, these were the Top 3 Choices.

There Shall be a Winner for Each of the Three Categories.


The Official Judges for the Competition are as Follows.

Pdk – Dark Globe Senior Writer

Quill – Dark Globe Senior Writer

Pete “Ace” – Dark Globe Senior Writer, and Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Winner (1 of 3 Best Bloggers)

DarkJade – Dark Globe Editor, Senior Writer and Site Creator

Mark – Dark Globe Senior Photographer

Lorna – Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Winner (1 of 3 Best Bloggers)

Michael Cargill – 2011 Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Winner (Best Writer)

Harry – 2011 Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Winner (1 of 3 Best Bloggers)

Noiri – 2011 Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Winner (Best Photographer)

*Judges will not be Submitting Photos in the Contest


First of all, it is Important to me that the Readers/Followers/Crew Etc. are all able to see all of the Photo Submissions, so in addition to collecting Links to the Photo Submissions, I will also be doing Posts, and Making Pages for the Submission Photos, for all to see.

That said, here’s how it will work.

All Photo Submissions for any of the 3 Categories will be Submitted below, by the Photographers Submitting Links.

These Pictures or Links will then be made Available on Special Pages or Posts as we go along the way.

Photographers may Submit 1 Photo Per Category, but will only be Chosen as Winner for 1 Category. We want 3 Winners.

Submissions will be from February 1st through February 10th, at which point The Judges will begin Voting/Determining the Finalists.


*In Addition to the 3 Winners (1 in Each of the 3 Categories) which will be Chosen by Our 9 Judges, I’ve also decided to have a 4th Readers Choice Award, which can go to any of the Pictures Submitted in the Contest!!

This Can Go To Any Contest-ee, thus even if you’ve Won one of the 3 Categories, your Picture may End up also being Our Reader’s Choice as well!!

Winners Shall be Announced on February 15th, and shall Receive a Custom Badge to Place on their Blogs, should they be Bloggers.

If  You’re not Entering yourself, be sure to let any Photographers you know, know about the Competition

Good Luck One and All!!

*Rules shall be Adjusted/Modified if I see Fit during the Competition.

**Join The Conversation Here February Shoot Off! on the Dark Globe Forum


SEE THE SUBMISSIONS SO FAR HERE February Shoot Off! Submissions Page

88 Responses to “The 2012 Dark Globe February Shoot Off! Has Officially Begun!!”

  1. I’ll see what I can do. I’m hopelessly busy, but this sounds like fun and will try to shoehorn in a photo or two in the categories listed. Thanks for the invite.

  2. Hopefully this will get a good turnout. I have mentioned it on another forum I go on.

    You could submit this post to the photography category at Love All Blogs. Do it before Friday and it will be in Monday’s showcase for next week –

  3. I’ll post an abbreviated description of the contest on my blog and a link back here. This should be great fun!

  4. Okay – one down, now I’ll see what I have for the other categories. (I hope I formatted the link correctly.) I’ll be excited to see the winners – there are so many great photographers!

  5. Holy cripes, you’d think “broken” would be easy for me, but I just don’t know! hahahahaha. This’ll be fun.

  6. I just posted a link to a photo. Not sure if it works… let me know!

  7. This sounds like a challenge. I may have to attempt. I like a challenge.
    P.S. visiting via Lorna’s Voice ….

  8. Big Al if you’re out there, Your Link took me to Shutterfly… I signed up, but it still didn’t take me to your Link


  9. DarkJade, do we have to take the photos ourselves, or can we use photos on the internet?

  10. I am not quite sure where to post what but I will get the hang of it. I chose HOPE for this passionfruit vine – because I am no way a gardener but this excellent vine has grown wild up my windows and now has fruit. Never had that happen before. A glimmer of hope in a rather hope-less year. Now to take a good look at yr Blog.

  11. This looks fun ~ can an amateur photographer play? I will see what I can come up with 🙂

  12. I have watermarked my photographs – does it matter? I haven’t entered yet but am interested.

    • I’m not a Photographer, but if it Means What I Think it Means, then no, it doesn’t matter… It has a Mark that you can Visibly See right?

      That shouldn’t play a part in Judgement of the Photo (‘s) at all.

      Enter Away, and Good Luck Barb


  13. Just found your site through Lorna, sorry I missed the photography deadline. I’ll be in for the next one, though!

  14. All done, I submitted my 3 pictures, 1 to each category 🙂 Good luck everyone 🙂

  15. Hi …
    Just submitted one of my entries. I thought I would add it here in the event that I have made an error.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  16. Hi
    I subitted my second entry for the challenge “Hope”.
    If it doesn’t go through here is the link.

  17. OOOppppsss … looks like I’ve gone and done what I didn’t want to do – forgot the url link on the linky link.
    UGH … forgive my ineptitude.
    Here it is below …

  18. Hi! Looks like a fun shoot-off! I submitted two entries, one each for hope and broken. I hope the links are ok. Thanks!

  19. Thanks for letting me participate. Greetings to all.

  20. I hope the links worked – I put in one for each category.

  21. thanks for the challenge, i love finding double meanings for my posts, thanks again MJ

    • Hey MJ, we got your Broken Submission, and your Hope Submission Twice, was the Second Hope Submission Meant to be a Submission for People At Work? If so, we don’t have your “People At Work” Submission.

      Let me know, or Resubmit it, Thanks, and Good Luck


  22. ooh, I hope I have submitted much fun.


  23. Sorry to bug do I know if I added my submission for hope correctly..If it went through I will proceed with the other two..Thank you!


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