February Shoot Off! Submissions So Far

by darkjade68

February Shoot Off! Submissions;

The Submissions so far are Amazing






Hope (Submissions);

2 Kids

by 2Summers






Light comes

by LadyT







Gone Fishin

by Navishing













Duck Picture

by Big Al









Light of Hope – James Gordo (CLICK THE LINK)

Broken (Submissions);

Morning has broke…

by Nuvofelt







Abandoned Boat

by Navishing







Chaco Ruin

by Newpillowbook

I took this picture in June, 2005 at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. I like the way the ruined building in the foreground echos the shape of the distant mesa.



Washed Away – by James Gordo (CLICK THE LINK)

People At Work (Submissions);

 Stilt Guys

by 2Summers






by Navishing










Sweat Sparks – by James Gordo (CLICK THE LINK)


8 Comments to “February Shoot Off! Submissions So Far”

  1. I can see this is going to be tough to judge…

  2. Darkjade remove these two please i tried to put in a gif photo 😦 i’m hopeless at it.

    The photos look good so far.

  3. The submission are looking great this. It’s going to be a hard one to judge.

  4. wow! nice photos! really tough to judge!

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