M is For Magnificent

by Patrick Dykie

     I decided to post something a little bit different, and unique today. I like to look inside myself, and try to bring out some of the deepest thoughts from my subconscious. I have a game I like to play which helps me to take a look inside myself. What I do is take a letter of the alphabet, and think of a word beginning with that letter. I then complete a sentence with the word I picked. Today I chose the letter “M”. Often, I will write down the first thing that comes into my head. You would be surprised at what comes out. Maybe some of you can do this little exercise with the letter M, and post your thoughts as a comment. It could be anything. It could be things you like, random thoughts, experiences, or even words of wisdom you’ve picked up along the way. I hope you enjoy a few of my thoughts. 


Machines are constructed by man, but man is constructed by God.

Malicious thoughts only bring about malevolent acts.

Master yourself before you ever try to master anything else.

Magnifying glasses are for seeing that which is hard to see. Use one on yourself.

Masquerades are for those with something to hide. Show yourself for who you are.

Meanness is often caused by our own fears and insecurities.

Music isn’t produced just by instruments. If you listen closely, you can hear it in the life around you.

Marathons are what our lives are made off. The sprinters tire, and never finish the race.

Mighty are those who speak not a word, but learn to listen to the words of others.

Map out your life, but don’t be afraid to stop once in a while for directions.

Menial tasks are for all of us. To be great you need to start at the bottom.

Magic can be found not just in tricks and sleight of hand. It can be found in almost everything; if we look hard enough.

Merge into life’s traffic carefully.You never know what is coming down the road.

Marriage is for two people who sometimes feel like just one.

Miles and miles is the journey you still have ahead of you. Slow down, stop looking for the roads end, and enjoy the view. 

 Mountains are for climbing, but many have fallen who climbed too fast, and didn’t watch their footing. 

Make your way carefully through life so as not to step upon those who may have fallen in front of you.

Misery is often not the result of the actions of others, but of our own doing. 

Mouse on a treadmill

Mice can teach us many lessons. Watch them on a treadmill, and you will see that you are often like a mouse.

Mental abilities may differ, but they don’t determine each person’s worth. 

Missing out on opportunities is not because we don’t see them. We often don’t recognize them for what they are.

 Mentors aren’t always who we think they are. We can learn lessons, skills, or direction in our lives from even the homeless man on the corner.

Malfunctions of the things we own are simple to fix. Malfunctions of our hearts are a lot harder to repair.

 Mercy is often given to others, but sometimes we need to show ourselves mercy.

Magnets are a lot like people. Sometimes they attract things, and at other times they repel them. What kind of magnet are you?

Merely existing is often not enough. To exist without purpose is to not exist at all.

March through life to the drummer of your choice. Remember though that if it’s too loud it will scare others away.

Meaning in your life can be found in the most unexpected places, yet it is often found not somewhere out there, but deep inside each of us.

Middle of the road isn’t always the best place to be. There are some big trucks out there.

Messages that we send to people may be unspoken or unwritten, but they still can come across loud and clear.



 Metamorphosis is a part of life. The question to ask is will you become a butterfly, or something else?
Might isn’t always about who is the biggest or the strongest, but who is right.

Masks are something most of us wear at one time or another. When we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror; that is who we really are.

Millionaires aren’t always the richest people. It all depends on what you determine to be valuable.

Milestones are just that; nothing more.They mark resting places in our journey. They do not make the journey.

Minutes become hours. Hours become days. Days become years. Years become a lifetime. That is why every single minute is so precious.


4 Comments to “M is For Magnificent”

  1. O forced its way into my conscious mind. Odd -ly, o-nly good things sprang up: oasis, osmosis, oxygen, and then o-ddball things: odalisque, origin, oxymoron, octave. If I kept looking this might get really interesting.

  2. I really like this, Patrick. Your thoughts about these “M” words are wise and wonderful.

  3. Thank you Lorna. Now, all I have to do is use these wise thoughts in my own life. It did feel good though to get them out.

  4. Thank you Kato. I’m glad good things came into your held. I’ve been told that this exercise is a window to our souls. You also seem to have a pretty good vocabulary.

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