The Dark Globe – Facing The Darkness

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Facing The Darkness…



It’s Interesting as, I’ve always been a “Quiet” Guy… But never really a “Depressed” Guy… As I’ve mentioned in some of my other Articles, during this last year and a half, I’ve been dealing with some Feelings that have been a bit uncomfortable…

One’s Potentially Derived from My Mom turning 70, and just dealing with the idea that she won’t always be here.

Granted, everyone basically has to deal with this at some point, but up until now, like I mentioned in my “Mortality Report” that I did a bit back, I’ve always Loved Birthdays… And have never felt all that bummed out about Mortality.

But, the idea of losing my Mom has kind of changed all that… Yes, I still love my Birthdays, but, I’d probably prefer that My Mom didn’t have anymore, lol

Now, as it is, I do believe she has Genetics on her side… As her health seems pretty good.

The other thing that has brought on some Tough Feelings, is that I found out about a year ago that My Blood Sugar was kind of High… This probably bothered me more because both My Dad, and My Mom’s Dad have/had Diabetes. Though when My Mom’s Dad had it, they didn’t quite know how to deal with it quite as well as they do with my Dad.

Anyway, right after I found that out, I went through an unexpected Break Up, and got a bit off course with focusing on it as much as I would have liked. Still, when I was tested last October, I had gotten it lower than it was a year ago. Primarily by reducing Regular Soda and Juices from my Diet. But it was still too High, so I then Reduced Breads and Pastas Etc.

So I got my Latest Blood Work Results the other day, and I’ve now brought it down to the Top of the Okay Range… I still want/need to bring it down a bit more, as you don’t want to really be at the “Top” of the Healthy Range, but none the less, I am further away from becoming Diabetic now.

But then as I’m sitting there with the Doc, he notices my Triglycerides are a bit High… Ok, so I’ve gotten the Blood Sugar down, now I need to get the Triglycerides down… Check… Got it. The good news is he was looking at the October Results when he noticed they were high, and when I got My New Blood Work done a couple weeks ago, they had come down 40%… Which is good, especially since I had been focusing on Blood Sugar, not Triglycerides.

But, as it turns out, the Two are Definitely related.

So once I found out about the Triglycerides, I more aggressively have been changing how I eat, as well as Exercising More.

Not that I’m all that heavy, but I have lost 5 or 10 Pounds in the last couple of weeks, just by Reducing Carbs Derived from Foods Such as Bread, Pasta, Potatoes Etc…

So I talked to the Doc last night, and he says all of my Number are coming down, so he’s pretty pleased…

And I have been Feeling Better… Fortunately for me, I don’t just love junk food, I Love All Food! lol, Healthy Food Too. So for me it’s more of a Focus thing.

But it’s not that I’ve been Eating All That Unhealthy, no… It’s more that I’ve been eating More than what my body has been Processing, or Burning.

And I don’t really eat big meals, I just don’t need to eat as much as when I was in my 20’s, and I’m not all that active… But when you Eat More than your body is Burning, or Processing, you end up Creating More Triglycerides than you need… And Increase The Potential for Heart Disease, and Strokes.

Scary Stuff… Especially since, I’m not that old. But, like the Doc said, all my Numbers are coming down, so I haven’t had to start taking any New Medicines or anything, so that’s good.

But, I am experiencing some Waves of Darkness with all this stuff… I really don’t like thinking about “How Long is My Mom Going to Be Around”… Not that I do all the time, but still. I’ve always been so proud about the fact that I “Like Birthdays”, and that, I just Live My Life and don’t worry all that much about things… Meaning, I’m not a “Worrier”… And I’m still not… But, all this Age and Health Stuff has made it a bit more difficult to Not Think About these things.

Oh Well, Such as Life, right?

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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4 Comments to “The Dark Globe – Facing The Darkness”

  1. Hi,
    I think as we get older the thought of losing our parents seem to creep into our minds every now and then, I think it’s the same for a lot of people.

    • Yeah, I’m just not used to it… I’m not a very Negative Person, and some of these feelings feel kind of Negative, though I know they’re natural… It’s not that I’ve been living in Denial, I’ve just been Living, and Enjoying My Life, and the People I love… So I’m just not used to thinking about things like this.

      Thanks for your Comment, and I think you’re right.


  2. I can’t see you as a negative or a depressed person, but everyone including me has times when things happen, we get a little down, and we fight our way back. I’m glad your health is improving, and congratulations on passing the 100 follower mark.

    • Thanks Pdk… Yeah, I’m not really a Negative or Depressed Person, just been feeling a bit blue about some of that stuff lately… Worken through it.

      Oh nice, we did hit 100, 101 actually… Gratz to us all in that case, we’ve done it together.


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