My Love/Hate Relationship With The Blank Page

by TAWilliams

As someone who loves to write it could be reasonably implied that I love blank pages. They should be like a large slab of stone just waiting for me to give it shape and turn it into something greater than it currently is. Due to the way I write I only see the “Blank Page” right before I start my new story (the rest of the time there is a partial story or note on every page). So whenever I see a blank page I am on the cusp of bringing a completely new universe to life. Unfortunately this is also the reason I hate the blank page.

I’m not the type of writer that just “dives in”, I know a few of them & would be lying if I didn’t say I envied them. I’m the type of writer that will get an idea, walk around pondering the idea to see if there is an actual story contained within, then begin writing copious amounts of notes and then start crafting it into a story. So most of the time when I sit down to begin my writing I have a pretty good idea of where the story is going and a rough idea of how I plan on getting there. Then I see the blank page.

It just sits there staring back at me. Dismissing my story. Slightly raising a questioning eyebrow when I assure it that I know what I’m doing. Laughing at my futile attempts of an opening line. Shaking it’s head in utter disappointment when the opening chapter of my book, which I have been crafting in my head for at least a couple of weeks, falls flat on its face. The blank page represents the moment right before I attempt to turn this amazing story in my mind, into a flawed work-in-progress that I will nurse for several months/years until I either give up or it becomes the thing I first imagined.

The blank page comes to represent everything I love and hate about writing. The joy of creating something out of nothing. The joy of creating characters that end up taking me places and becoming people I would never have imagined when I first put pen-to-paper. It also promises hard times. It promises that at some point in time I will doubt the story, doubt the characters, and doubt my own ability. It promises that there will be times I want to give up, times when I will throw it to the side knowing & wanting to come back but not having the strength to.

The blank page contains both hope and despair. Creation and destruction. Yet I believe that great writers will stare right back at that blank page without blinking, take a deep breath, place their hands gently on the keyboard, and do the one thing all of us feels we were born to do, write.

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2 Comments to “My Love/Hate Relationship With The Blank Page”

  1. Great post! I find the blank page either to be beautiful or frustratingly annoying. Some pages feel like they need something amazing written on them, something worthy.

  2. Thank you Taureanw, I thought some people might like this Article over here on The Dark Globe


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