Book Review: The Disenchanted Pet

by quillwielder


The Disenchanted Pet is by my fellow blogger Kate Policani. You can visit her blog for information of self-publishing, good advice, and purchase of this book and others she has written.

The Disenchanted Pet is a wonderful little sci-fi book about a young girl named Zarah who finds her world turned upside when everything she thought she knew was wrong.

I love the sci-fi element of this story the way the world has been taken over by the ShaZha, a hyper-intelligent race that make me think of jellyfish or those stress balls. Though I was surprised how this book doesn’t feel like a complete sci-fi story. It’s driven by Zarah, her nature, thoughts, and perceptions. It’s about humanity and social issues which pleasantly surprised me. These things just drag you in and hold your interest throughout the whole story.

You have to feel for Zarah, growing up in a sheltered world and suddenly separated from her SaSa; lost in a world she has no clue about, a frightening world.

The novel wasn’t that long, which is a shame because it’s such good read. Kate’s writing is engaging and well thought out. I recommend this Indie novel to anyone who is looking for a good read. Especially as the ebook version is only $0.99.

Originally posted on Quill Wielder.

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