The Clock Has Struck 12!! Here Are The 2012 Submissions… And, Readers Vote For The Readers Choice Award

by darkjade68


Congratulations, and Good Luck to all that have Entered in the 2012 Dark Globe February Shoot Off!

The Judges have all gone into their Locked and Secured Chambers, with but a Candle and a Laptop to Begin the Very Difficult Task of Choosing Their Two Favorite Photos from Each Category.

Once they have Chosen 2 from each Category, they will Choose a First and Second Choice and then E-mail them to me… First Choices will receive 2 Points, and the Second Choice shall receive 1 Point…

I will then add the all the points, and determine the Winners of Each Category.

At which point, the Winners will be Announced on February 15th, just to make sure that Our 9 Judges have adequate time to make their choices.

In Addition to our Three Category Winners, There will also be a Readers Choice Award where The Readers can Nominate Their Favorite Overall Picture.

Though there will be Three Different Winners for Each of the Three Categories, there is a chance that the Readers Choice Award may go to one of the Three Winners… Which is allowed.

For The Sake of The Readers Choice Award, I will be Giving Each of the Following Photos a Number, so that when you Vote, you can Choose The Number of your Chosen Picture. Only One Vote Per Reader, and only for One Photo. The Vote Box is at the Bottom of this Post.

The Categories are Hope, Broken and People At Work.


Hope (Submissions);


2 Kids

by 2Summers







Light comes

by LadyT







Gone Fishin

by Navishing








by LadyFi





Duck Picture

by Big Al










Light of Hope

by James Gordo










by Vlad







Butterfly Union

by Armor

I tried capturing this black butterfly – dubbed the ELUSIVE BLACK, many times before. Then today, on my way home from a funeral I saw him mating with another. What are the chances. It goes to show that when one life is lost, of any species, another is coming into existence. So we all should have hope



Passion Fruit Vine

by Nellibell49

I chose HOPE for this passionfruit vine – because I am no way a gardener but this excellent vine has grown wild up my windows and now has fruit. Never had that happen before. A glimmer of hope in a rather hope-less year.



by Kristina









by Emma Raphael











by Nuvofelt









Orchid Buds

by Isadora







A Bird’s Hope

by Fergiemoto










by 1Cruzdelsur








by Amy

I took this on the Baltic Sea near Humlebaek, Denmark.









New Snow and Star Trails

by Mjspringett






by Jo Bryant










Seeds of Hope

by Margie






by Chicks With Ticks







Hope in the Snow

by Cheetahs In My Shoes







by Jess










by Sorin Photography










by Roberta








God’s Promise

by Tiffany






Broken (Submissions);


Morning has broke…

by Nuvofelt







Abandoned Boat

by Navishing







Chaco Ruin

by Newpillowbook

I took this picture in June, 2005 at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. I like the way the ruined building in the foreground echos the shape of the distant mesa.






Washed Away

by James Gordo







by Vlad










by Nellibell49








by Mammasaurus





by Kristina









by Jeremy









Claire Tattoo

by 2Summers






Grenada Drunk Man and Shell Art

by Isadora








Avian Attitude

by Fergiemoto









by Jeanna








by 1Cruzdelsur








Road Closed

by Amy

a gray dawn
reveals a quiet world
without traffic or
the hum of power lines ~

the world as it was before.



Right Brain Activity

by Mjspringett







by Jo Bryant










Broken Snowscape

by Margie





by Jess







by Roberta







People At Work (Submissions);


Stilt Guys

by 2Summers






by Navishing











Sweat Sparks – by James Gordo (CLICK THE LINK)


At Work

by Newpillowbook







by Vlad







My Man Mowing

by Nellibell49









by Kristina









Glass Blowing

by Emma Raphael









Busy Bees

by NuvoFelt









Nowegian Epic Roatan Honduras Dancers

by Isadora






by 1Cruzdelsur








by Jo Bryant










by Chicks With Ticks







by Isobel and Cat







by Sorin Photography







by Jess






by Roberta










35 Responses to “The Clock Has Struck 12!! Here Are The 2012 Submissions… And, Readers Vote For The Readers Choice Award”

  1. Hi,
    Good luck everyone, all the photos are fantastic, I have done my little vote, but I must say it really is hard when there are so many great photos. 😀

  2. tough indeed to pick one. Ultimately I made a gut choice for a picture that pulled me in rather than had me look at it. Thanks all for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  3. Blimey, some very good entries here and plenty of them!

  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  5. Great entries. It was fun to enter, now off to cast my vote.

  6. There are so many great entries, and I enjoyed being part of this. Had to vote for the photo that brought me back to look at it everytime I came to this page…it really got to me !!

  7. Great photos, very hard to choose!

  8. Good Luck everyone. I’m so excited after voting last night. It was so hard to choose. Everyone who entered should be so proud, your photos are beautiful.

  9. Thanks, this was fun … and hard at the same time … I love all the pics … Always, cat.

  10. Wow! there are soo many incredible submissions… im kind of torn right now.. lol Good luck everyone. Thanks for sharing the fantastic shots!

  11. They are all quite lovely. I made my readers choice submission, but i’ll just add it here as well:

    Hope – 14
    Broken – 37
    Ppl at Work – 52

  12. These photo’s are all fabulous. It was a difficult decision to choose one.
    The interpretations of the categories were outstanding. There are a lot
    of great photographers out there.
    Good Luck everyone …

  13. How do we vote? I don’t see a link. *whimper*


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