The Blooming, Blossoming Beauties

by noirciplume

La Plume Noire Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I escaped the London city life and travelled to the heart of the British countryside (again). No, I did not go back home. Instead, I went further south and explored the county of Devonshire. A part of England that is famous for scones, topped with jam and clotted cream; aka the Devonshire cream tea. Indeed, during those five days, I drank way too much tea. In fact, I didn’t even miss my freshly grind and brewed coffee. Perhaps that was a new record for me.

Furthermore, I even forgot to take my proper DSLR camera. No, I didn’t forget,  I just didn’t take it. Due to my foolishness for not using my professional gear, the quality of the photographs is not great. At times it took longer to edit. But the more I edit, the quality decreased; due to low resolution. So I apologise if you see…

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13 Comments to “The Blooming, Blossoming Beauties”

  1. Just Amazing, Thank You for Reblogging This over here Noiri… It’s one of My Favorite Posts Anywhere.


  2. What a beautiful reminder of summer.

  3. Slogged down and bogged down in snow, slush, mud and rain this just seems like dessert I cannot have at the moment. That kind of colour won’t be in the diet for a few months or longer.

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