Fit for a King: Château de Versailles

by noirciplume

One of my recent favourite blog post that I wanted to share with you. Château de Versailles is simply stunning.

La Plume Noire Photography

I have kept you waiting for far too long. I finally have the chance to blog my adventures in Paris. First up, I will show you a very grand castle. Château de Versailles lies in the suburb of Paris; easily accessible by train. Yet the greatest joy of it all, was that it was absolutely free of charge. It’s free for anyone under the age of 25 and living within the EU.

My only advice for exploring the grounds is that you will need at least two days to see everything. One day for visiting the palace, and the extra days for exploring the garden. May I add, the garden is humongous! You can even rent a golf buggy; that’s how big it truly is. As a result, I can safely announce that it is definitely fit for a king; in this case, Louis XIV. If you are visiting Paris anytime…

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4 Comments to “Fit for a King: Château de Versailles”

  1. It’s certainly a breathtaking palace, simply beautiful.

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