The Dark Globe – We Are Not The Borg

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

We Are Not The Borg… Independent Spirits… Independent Lives



I often hear people talk about how we are “All Connected”… And, I have to say, I definitely agree… There is definitely some sort of connection between us that you can just feel.

However, it’s also important to remember, that we are all very much “Our Own Person”… “Our Own Spirit”… With “Our Own Hopes”… And “Our Own Dreams”… And “Our Own Talents”…

And the list goes on and on…

The reason I bring this up is, as I was sitting here Reflecting on My Writing, and My Blogging, and most recently My Self Publishing Efforts, I started to wonder, what are other People’s Goals… More Specifically, Other Bloggers, Writers, and/or Photographers Thinking… And Dreaming… And Hoping.

And how are they going about their Dreams, or Pursuits Creatively.

Between this Blog, and My Personal Writing Blog, I’ve talked many times about my Past both Personally, but even more so Creatively… But I’m actually Very Curious about what all of you are doing out their… Above and Beyond Your Individual Blogs.

What type of Hopes do you have?

What types of Dreams?

And, How are they Going?

I just thought I’d Open Up The Conversation, and see what kind of things you guys are all up to.



7 Comments to “The Dark Globe – We Are Not The Borg”

  1. What I am about to say will sound to some as being aloof. And you were probably thinking more on the lines of tangible plans of what people are up to.

    I had hope at one time, then it was gone. Years ago, in my youth I hoped and dreamed of accomplishments, happiness and love. How are they going you ask? Accomplishments came an went. It seemed with every accomplishment, my sights were set at other goals and previous accomplishments and those which did not materialize seemed just part of life. Happiness I found was fleeting. Felt good in the moment like a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day; once the coolness faded the sweat returned. As for love. Well that is a creature that sustains me, causes great misery, it is never far away -a Chameleon of sorts as it is often right before my eyes.

    What am I up to? Just living in the moment and trying to experience as much as possible that exists in this little piece of the world in which and where I live. NO lofty plans anymore, no grandiose ideals. Just trying to be me.

    • Well, I gotta be honest, it’s more important to be Cool with yourself before anything like the pursuit of Dreams Etc. So just chillen, being yourself is a great thing in itself.

      I myself have always just been me, from a very young age… Yes I was a bit more sad as a kid, but I was always me. For me I didn’t start to pursue any of my dreams until I hit 30, so by then, I was good and ready to give them a go. But being cool with who I am, that is a much bigger thing to me, so if you’ve achieved that, you’ve achieved a lot.

      And as far as “Happiness”, Happiness is never a Constant, as much as many people might like it to be… No, it isn’t Natural in the Least to be “Happy” all the time, at least not in my mind or experience… Now “Peace of Mind” is a different thing… Peace of Mind one can have almost constantly, and I do. But I don’t know if many do. I’ve always been very chill.

      When My Mom stresses on the little things in life, I often say “You’re just not one with the Light”, lol… Now I just do this to give her a hard time, because we’re very close, and I don’t like to see her stress on so many things.

      But in reality, like I say, “Peace of Mind” is a God Sent so to speak. Happiness, naw, life is shades of grey… And for it to go up and down is normal. Also, it’s normal to want more when you achieve things, its our human nature. But there is a difference between being Driven, and being Insatiable… Being Insatiable is Exhausting, and something I’m glad I’m not.

      Nah, Your Answer was perfect, it gave me a stronger idea about who you are, and that’s really what I was looking for with this post, more than any Specific Creative Goals.

      I’m Glad you are cool with yourself, a lot of people aren’t.

      Thanks for Being so Open


  2. For many years of my life I had been very quiet. I was one that sitting in the last row in back of the class was the best place to be. As I got older I started jotting down my thoughts in a journal. Some of what I wrote was what I called corny poems and as I continued my interest in writing began and my interest in photography increased. I have ideas for a children’s book.. I work in a library and am surrounded be inspiration. Inspiration is contagious.. That’s one reason I really like WordPress..I hope to retire..yes I am up there in age.. Hitch a trailer to our jeep and see some sights and take tons of pictures. I’d very much like to earn some money using this interest as in selling cards or something.. I don’t have it figured out yet. I am all about extending kindness and encouragement each day in some manner and there is always someone that needs it..Thanks for asking..

    • I was Quiet for Most of My Life… I was very shy in school, and it wasn’t until I was a Teenager that My Brother Convinced me to join a Theater Group with him, as he wanted to be a Professional Actor… I Fell in Love with Theater, and he came to the very realization that he wasn’t going to be “Discovered” as he hoped.

      Between 5 years of Theater, and 6 1/2 years of Orthopedic Brace Inside Sales, I finally broke out of my shell.

      Working at a Library sounds Awesome, and I would imagine that it would be inspirational in regards to Writing.

      Hitching a Trailer to a Jeep Sounds Great to me… I had a Jeep for 3 or 4 years, Loved it.

      Thanks for Sharing Your Life with us, I Appreciate your Openness as well.


  3. I hope to get my memoir published. But also have enough people read it and have the book mean something to them. I’ve always been one who hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of people I touch.

    My dream is a world with less hatred and violence. I do my part by showing how I decided not to be a victim of my circumstances: laugh rather than cry.

    How’s it going? It’s a long and winding road, but one well worth traveling.

    Thanks for asking, my friend!

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