by AlohaKarina

Aloha from Maine

You’ll have to excuse me if I sound like I’ve just been through the photographic version of “Shock and Awe”. It’s because I have.

A few years ago, I heard rumblings about photographic technology so revolutionary, it could potentially make digital photography obsolete. Today, I learned that technology is here, and it’s available for purchase.

The cameras are called “light field”, or plenoptic, cameras. Light field cameras don’t make images by recording light on individual pixels the way standard digital cameras do; instead, they record images by collecting millions of individual rays of light, called “megarays”, for each photograph. These megarays include light’s direction, intensity, and color.

Why does this matter? The sheer density of light rays recorded by these cameras means that you can record enough information to have every point in your photograph focused correctly. That means that, when you upload your photographs, viewers can selectively focus AFTER…

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  1. Wow, hadn’t heard of that


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