The Villains of Gotham City – A Cosplay (Feature Story)

by endlessthinker

(Some are having problems viewing the slideshow from flickr. I’ll try to work on this. For the meantime, click here if the slideshow does not show up or view the full post.)

Hi everyone! I am sure not all of you knows me. So I would like to introduce a bit of myself since this will be a Dark Globe feature story. I’m Jonah Mark and I’ve been into photography for about seven months already. I started go back after getting inspired by the works of the Norweigian landscape photographer  Terje Sørgjerd especially his time-lapse The Mountain. After that I’ve been taking photos of just anything I find beautiful. After a while of being into this big thing, I realize I am more into landscapes and street photography. After taking some number of photographs, I thought that all of this will be useless if I am the only one that can see it. Then I decided to create my blog, uploaded the photos to flickr and share my works. It was also a gateway of creating new friends and lead my way of being part of The Dark Globe.

As promised in my last post, I would be posting some of the photos I took in a school costume play event last month. This will also be my featured piece as part of the Dark Globes’ monthly featured story. Here in this slide are the villains of Gotham City. These cosplayers were a hit when they arrived at the scene. A crowd gathered around them quickly and started taking their own photos. They were simply stunning, especially the Joker.



3 Responses to “The Villains of Gotham City – A Cosplay (Feature Story)”

  1. These are Awesome Mark

    Thanks for the Post



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