Pre-Review of The Lustre

by quillwielder


So my fellow blogger and friend, Kate Policani is going to release her second self published novel this month, The Lustre and as part of her advertising she is throwing a virtual book launch.

I’ve never been involved in anything like this before but I’m here to lend a hand. So when asked me to pre-review the book, which means I get to read it before it comes out and review it. I said okay straight away. I love reading and reviewing and there’s The bonus of helping out a friend.

She sent it too me about a week ago and I’ve been reading it and taking notes for my review. I’m excited to be a part of this and I know it would help Kate if you guys had a look to.

So check out her page and maybe you can help. She has a lot of things going on during her launch and really it’s just a great way to connect with fellow writers. You can check out the launch here.


2 Comments to “Pre-Review of The Lustre”

  1. You’re a Good Friend Quill


  2. Thank you, Laura! I can’t wait to read it! Any day during the “party” would be great.

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