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March 3, 2012

Same Sex Marriage – Ah Heck, Lets Get Political

by darkjade68

It’s funny, it’s often said not to Talk about Politics, or Religion when at Social Gatherings…

And I understand… There can come some Serious Loaded Conversations in such a Sitch.

And it doesn’t matter if You’re Family, the Same Thing Can Be True.

Lately as some of you already know, I ended up Setting Up a Twitter Account for The Dark Globe…

Now keep in mind, I often have sworn I’d never get a FaceBook Account, or a Twitter Account… But the further down the road I’ve gotten with The Dark Globe, the more I’ve seen the use of Additional Networking Tools…

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March 3, 2012

Places to Visit in Queensland

by darkjade68

Another Awesome Post from Ana, Check Out These Pics and Videos


1001 Scribbles


image image

imageimage image

image image imageimage

image image

imageimage image image


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March 3, 2012

by AlohaKarina