by Harry

Reblogged From Dribbling Pensioner.

Poem: A Mind In Limbo

I see your anguish and  i hear your pain.

Both in your eyes and on your voice.

Its has changed you completely.

To someone who wants to hide.

You listen to woman who gave bad advice.

Believing their tales and stories.

But the doctor has cleared you of all ill’s.

Trying to help set your mind at ease.

But this disease has got such a grip.

You do not believe that the truth is right.

Believing the lies which are doing you harm.

It has eased a little but there’s a long road ahead.

Many bumps, corners and hurdles to come.

So with more help and pretence and also trust.

We will get you back to what you once were.

The struggle you have goes on and on.

But i’m here as always with you to help.

So we will work at it with hope until the day.

That you get better and back to normal again.

Then you can start all over once more.

Enjoying the things, you took for granted.


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