The Dark Globe – A Fool For Love

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

A Fool For Love… And Why Not



Forgive the “Shotty” Microsoft Paint Edit of this “Under Pixeled” Cell Phone Shot on the Left, lol

I Recently Hung a Picture of a Print that I Bought Many, Many Years ago… I’ve Always Loved the Painting, but I’m not sure I’ve actually Hung it before… Maybe at some point.

Anyway, this is just the Center Part of The Painting, The Whole Painting is Just Beautiful… But There’s a lot of Reflection in this room off the Glass Covering it, and so Wola, an Undersized, Shotty Paint Edited, Reflection Still Present, Under Pixeled Cell Phone Camera Shot is all yah get, lol

That said… Is there “Anything Rational” in The Eyes of This Fair Knight, as he Gazes Into His Love’s Eyes… I think not, lol

This Is Actually a Fairly Famous Painting, but I can’t recall the Name of it, Nor The Painter… Maybe one of you Fair People will Remind me, lol

No Wonder I’ve gotten My Heart Broken some 4 Times, lol

Okay, one of the times was a bit more Mutual than the Rest… But still, lol

In The Past I would have thought of this Painting as “Ideal”… The Knight Overwhelmingly In Love… But Now, as Beautiful as The Painting is, It’s Also Serves of a Reminder… That I am a “Hopeless”… Well.. Also Somewhat “Hopeful”… Romantic

But Hey, It’s Great For Poetry… Right? Lol

Though I did get My “Daughter” out of it… Ok, so she’s a Kitty, but she’s still “My Daughter”, lol

Sadly, she doesn’t live with me, which was harder than I expected… But I do know that she is well loved where she is at.

Arghh, I’m still sad about it… Put this pic on my Cell Phone one time, and had to take it right off







And Then There’s My “Glorious Boy”… From an Earlier Relationship.

Thankfully, I got to keep him with me…

In fact, he’s sleeping on My Bed right about now… Right in the “Only Patch of Sunlight” that’s making it into My Room, lol

As it should be.

Love is Funny… “Ha Ha”, yeah right, “Really Funny”, lol




But I’ll Let Prince Sum It Up, lol

Prince – The Beautiful Ones

Thanks For Listening/Reading 



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