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March 5, 2012

The Dark Globe – This Means War… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

Having been informed by the big cheese himself that we hadn’t actually done any film reviews for about a month now, I thought it lucky that I was going to the cinema this past weekend.

Reading the history of production about this film it was said that it was originally to star Sam Worthington until he dropped out and was replaced by Tom Hardy, which is only a God send and he’s the actor to watch at the moment. His last film I saw, Warrior, he did a fantastic job of not being English and looking like some absolute beast.

This film he and the new captain Kirk; Chris Pine are definitely the new blood of this industry.


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March 5, 2012

Self Publishing – The Waiting Game

by darkjade68

Self Publishing – The Waiting Game

by DarkJade



I think the hardest part of doing something like Self Publishing, is Waiting on Other People… Not that you wouldn’t need to wait for people if you went through a Publisher, but… Yeah… Waiting is tough.

What am I waiting for?

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March 5, 2012


by Lady T

T’was just walking through an art museum when the light fixtures caught my eye.. I think this is the best shot I took of them.