I’m Sorry

by Beautiful Rumi

say sorry


 What a weak word,

What a pathetic word,

What an empty word,

What a hurtful word,

What a painful word,

What a heavy word,


What a gentle word,

What a sweet word,

What a comforting word,

What a caring word,

What a reassuring word,

What a deep word,


A word that says so much

Yet says so little…

I’m so sorry.

Photo by Ezzan

9 Comments to “I’m Sorry”

  1. Hi,
    Very well thought out. 🙂

  2. A lovely poem, alittle word that means so much. Its a pity people have forgot how to say it.

  3. this word has since been misused…..nicely put

  4. I’m the Queen of apology. Or at least I was. Always sincere and rarely necessary. “I’m sorry” can be the most healing words spoken between two people or they can be corrosive to a relationship when the words are empty. You said it so well in your poem.

    • You are very right Lorna, it comes a time when we realize that simply saying “I’m sorry” abruptly ends an argument or something and worse is when we say it without meaning it. Yet, it can be the best bridge to use to mend something broken…

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