Self Publishing – The Waiting Game

by darkjade68

Self Publishing – The Waiting Game

by DarkJade



I think the hardest part of doing something like Self Publishing, is Waiting on Other People… Not that you wouldn’t need to wait for people if you went through a Publisher, but… Yeah… Waiting is tough.

What am I waiting for?

1) Got My Poetry Book in a Bookstore, so, of course, I have to wait and see how that goes… This is something I really don’t mind Waiting for… As you must allow time for Nature to take its course.

2) My Comic Book Artist – So, I’ve also had Printed 4 Copies of what I’m calling a Comlet (8 Page Partial Comic Book), so that I might Generate some interest in My White Jade Comic Book… But I’m waiting for a Reply from My Comic Book Artist, who I E-mailed 5 Days ago with some Questions… Argghh. Basically until I hear from here, I can’t start Marketing it.


3) My Possible Other Comic Book Artist – This is for a Completely Different Comic Book Project, or Two… I’m waiting for My Nephew as it were to Draw Me up some Sample Sketches of some Characters from a couple potential New Comic Book Ideas I’m working on. Now I only sent the Character Descriptions over to him like 3 days ago, so I’m not exactly expecting him to Draw them right away, especially since Drawing is not his Chosen Profession… Still, I wouldn’t mind hearing if he actually got the E-mail, lol

4) My Editor (Who is My Oldest Sister, lol… It’s a Family Affair) – Who I’m waiting to hear from in regards to Editing My First Ever Novella “I Died Once” or “I.D.O.”. Which, by the way, I got Permission to Use This Picture on the Right on the Cover… You might have to Read The Story to see why it works, aside from the fact that I like the drawing.

But I have no idea when My Sister will be available to Edit anything, as she is Very Busy at Work, and at Home… In fact, when I asked her if she could Edit My Poetry Book (which she did), I figured it would take her a good 3 Months or so… But she did it in like 3 Weeks, so I suppose I was a bit spoiled, lol

Like I say, no clue when she’ll have time to do it, lol.

I know what you’re thinking, these are all good things to be waiting for, but once you’ve decided to “Drive” Forward with something, you really want to get to it… Or at least I do…

But I must wait… And hope one of these Co-Creators Finds Time to Continue Forward with me on One of These Ready to Go Projects.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading


PICTURE CREDIT – UFO Invader, Water Girl By Monica Gomes

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2 Comments to “Self Publishing – The Waiting Game”

  1. Don’t want to get all Buddhist on you, but think of this as a practice in developing patience, a much-needed quality in our hectic world. 🙂

    • Ah yeah, it’s more my Passion and Drive that’s banging at my door, I spend most of my time chillen with the light, if yah know what I mean, lol

      I’m cool, just excited and curious…

      But with most, you would be correct… This situation is absolutely a practice of patience… And I stepped away from Corporate America some ten plus years ago, so I have no interest in the “Hectic World”.

      So amen to that, lol

      Thanks for your Comment and Wisdom Lorna


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