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March 8, 2012

by Harry


America’s poverty IS hitting home.

I was shocked to learn lately about the poverty in America, i knew things were bad but i never new the full extent of what was happening.

Rich and poor: The tents and other makeshift homes have sprung up in the shadow of Sacramento’s skyscrapers. Read more from the Daily mail.

55 tents cities all over the states with families living in tents and cars, this is because all the shelters for the homeless are full and they sending them to the tent cities.

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March 8, 2012

Self Publishing – Masters of Our Own Destiny

by darkjade68

Self Publishing – Masters of Our Own Destiny

by DarkJade




I was recently having a Conversation with My Good Friend VeeCirra of VeeCirra, who happens to be one of the most Spiritual, Honest and Earnest People you’re liable to meet in the Blogosphere, or Anywhere Else Really… As well as one of our DarkGlobe Writers.

I’m sure many of you will agree.

But what we were discussing was “Fear of Success“, and in doing, she Linked Me This Post The Modern Author – A New Breed of Writer For The Digital Age of PublishingBy Kristen Lamb.

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March 8, 2012

How Safe Are You From Being Blindsided By Your Life Choices?

by Beautiful Rumi

%life out of control

If you were forced to walk out of your house right now…

With nothing but the clothes on your back…

What would you carry?

What would leave behind?

Would you carry your trusted phone, laptop, wallet…what?

Circumstances Beyond Your Control

A dear friend of mine from Sudan, found himself in a very helpless situation some years back. He was running for his life. He was alone. His country was at war. He was caught right in the midst. It was the darkest time of his life, but he tells me that he could not have had his life any other way.

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