How Safe Are You From Being Blindsided By Your Life Choices?

by Beautiful Rumi

%life out of control

If you were forced to walk out of your house right now…

With nothing but the clothes on your back…

What would you carry?

What would leave behind?

Would you carry your trusted phone, laptop, wallet…what?

Circumstances Beyond Your Control

A dear friend of mine from Sudan, found himself in a very helpless situation some years back. He was running for his life. He was alone. His country was at war. He was caught right in the midst. It was the darkest time of his life, but he tells me that he could not have had his life any other way.

He appreciates life so much because he has seen death. He once asked me something I will never forget that I want to share with you. “Veeh, can you imagine leaving your house without even closing the door…you know you will never come back.” I just cried.

Every time I remember that conservation I am overwhelmed by sadness.Yet I feel comfort because things did turn out just fine. Back then I couldn’t answer his question… It was a good wake up call for me.

Nothing Is Mine

God forbid, but if something happened to the area you live.And you had to immediately evacuate.

What would you not leave behind?

What would you carry that would not drag you down?

I recently watched a documentary where a certain town was been ravaged by wildfire. As the residents were being evacuated. One guy rushed back to his house amidst the protests of the firemen. Then he came out crying because he couldn’t find anything in his house that he wanted to save. Nothing!

That got me thinking, what treasures are more important? The ones we can see and hold. Or the ones we can only feel with our hearts.

Money is important I admit…I love money. It will buy good clothes, put a roof over your head, put food in your tummy and give you any material thing you may desire. But is accumulating wealth enough really? To some extent no, as humans we need more…much more.

Making Memories

As you go through life accumulate beautiful experiences.

Treasure your friends, your family, be kind to others, enjoy life. Don’t ever settle for less. Life is too short…

One day, if you are ever forced by circumstances, to leave your house without closing the door. You won’t rush back in panic wondering what to salvage.

Instead, you will know that you already have what you need. No one can take away your precious memories and experiences from you. And anyway, you can always start life over anywhere at any time. My dear friend did it and so can you.

What experiences are you currently accumulating?

What  life choices are you making now?

Photo by Liping


10 Comments to “How Safe Are You From Being Blindsided By Your Life Choices?”

  1. There’s maybe been 4 or 5 times where I moved somewhere, and basically didn’t bring anything but the Clothes on my back… Not because of a Crisis, but rather because of other circumstances.

    To be honest, I’m not all that attached to many material things… Maybe it is because I had an Amazing, Fulfilling Childhood… Who knows.

    My Brother in fact often struggles/suffers in his “New Life”… Meaning, his Life beyond our Childhood… I have been at the receiving end of hundreds of phone calls and/or texts from him telling me how he misses when we were young… And wishes we still were…

    I figure he usually tells me these things when he’s having a hard time with his Wife and Kids… It makes me sad. Especially since I try to make every day a good a day… A “New Memory” as you put it. And so, I don’t live in the past, because I basically live life the way I want to.

    I know that he has good Memories and Times with his Family… I mean, he loves his Wife, and He Loves and is a Great Dad… But still, it seems like half the time he’d rather be “Reliving” Earlier Years.

    It is very very rare that I wish myself back to an earlier time.

    If I suddenly had to leave and could only take a few things, I’d first take my cat, lol… And then My Computer, but not just because I love it, but more because of all the things/writing saved on it… It is also My Door to My Blogging World, which has become a very big part of My Life… My Writing and My Community of Writers Resides here… Something that I’ve never in my life had…

    Other than that… lol I’d probably grab My Robinson Cano Autographed Baseball Bat… He is My Favorite Baseball Player on My Favorite Baseball Team, The New York Yankees… The reason that it probably means so much to me is because My First Dream was to Play Professional Baseball. I Never pursued it, but it is still My First Dream.

    And beyond that… Hmm… I have some Old Comics, but I’d probably leave them here… Ah, my Two Guitars, one Electric, one Acoustic…

    The Acoustic is a Dark Blue Alvarez that I bought for myself near my 30th Birthday, and it is Simply Beautiful… I had never in my life spent that kind of money on myself, and it felt pretty good. And it sounds Amazing.

    My Electric Guitar was a Gift from My Wife of One Year, so it is very Important to me… Ah yeah, My Wedding Photos and Wedding Ring… I’d Definitely Bring Those. We had an Amazing Wedding… It was a Blend what we called a Chinese Fairy Wedding. Beautiful

    Hmm, oh yes, I have a Metal box full of hundreds of hours of Film Footage that I took when I was pursuing Film Making, those are very important to me… Mostly because there’s a lot of Personal Footage of when I lived with My Brother working on them some 12 years ago.

    But in reality, My Memories would suffice if need be. Like I say, I unexpectedly Moved 4 or 5 different times, unplanned, and basically left everything I owned at my moms, lol

    Nice Post Vee


    • You certainly do have very cool memorabilia you could carry DJ. Your cat, I like that lol

      And the fact that you have moved almost 5 times unexpectedly. Shows that you would that you appreciate the urgency of life,when you are forced to leave everything and run. That’s a bit dramatic, but you get what am saying.

      It’s always good to visit the good times once in awhile. Especially when the present is not that pleasant. However,like you said it should be a very short visit. Just a glance to remind us how good times can feel, then we carry on with life…

      I unfortunately lost my high school’scrap book’. It had pictures and was signed by all my friends and it was really sad for me when I misplaced it. To this day I don’t where it went. Very painful thing to happen. But thank goodness, the memories are still fresh in my mind. Somethings are safe no matter what happens to us.

      I am really glad you liked the post. Thank you so much for your great thoughtful comment DJ. I really appreciate.

  2. I have a shelf of photo albums, I think I would grab that first… I can’t believe how the years have passed by so quickly, and how my babies are driving cars now. I open those books day after day, wondering where the time went. I would also love to save my writings, I have so many binders full of poetry and stories and drawings- going back to when I was 8 years old- every heart break I ever suffered, ever triumph I ever found, all recorded somehow in those pages, I would hate to lose those things, but if I lost them, I would survive as long as I still had my family, the people who live inside those walls with me, that’s all I really honestly need. But if I still have a few seconds, I’m grabbing my laptop for sure! 🙂

    • You are so right Tiffany, time does pass by so fast. Currently, I can’t believe it’s already March. I just celebrated New Years like the other day 🙂

      I like that you say if you had to choose.The most important things to you…are the people you love and the things that bring joy to your life like your writings and drawings. Our families are our safe havens and with them we can take on the world.I am so impressed by your collection. That’s quite a long history you have there. Since you were 8 years, hope you are compiling them to a book or something. And yes, with the last seconds grab that laptop girl 🙂

  3. A lovely post and beautiful photo.

  4. Hi,
    First thing I would make sure was safe besides my Husband of course, is my pet dog, then I would get all the important papers and the disc’s with all my photos on them, they are all in the same storage container and easy to lift. These I feel are things we just cannot replace.

    • Hi Mag,

      That’s so nice. It’s so cool that you keep your treasures in the same place. You know what is irreplaceable and you keep it close to you. The people we love…they do make life worth living.Most times, they are all we need. Thanks for your heartwarming comment.

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