Self Publishing – Masters of Our Own Destiny

by darkjade68

Self Publishing – Masters of Our Own Destiny

by DarkJade




I was recently having a Conversation with My Good Friend VeeCirra of VeeCirra, who happens to be one of the most Spiritual, Honest and Earnest People you’re liable to meet in the Blogosphere, or Anywhere Else Really… As well as one of our DarkGlobe Writers.

I’m sure many of you will agree.

But what we were discussing was “Fear of Success“, and in doing, she Linked Me This Post The Modern Author – A New Breed of Writer For The Digital Age of PublishingBy Kristen Lamb.

Now I gotta tell you, This is a Kick Ass Article.

Why do I have a Picture of Tony Stark/Iron Man Here? Because Tony Stark in The Iron Man Story, is a “Master of His Own Destiny“… Not because he’s a Rich, Brilliant Technology Genius, which he is… But because when he finds out that The Technologies that He is Creating are Being Used To Kill People, he walks away from his Billion Dollar Bussiness of Creating Weapons, and decides to Track Down The People who are Using His Technologies for Harm, and Stop them.

How does this Relate to Self Publishing? Well as Kristen Lamb “Hints” at (And when I say Hint, I mean Slams You Over The Head With a Proverbial Sledge Hammer), “We are The Masters of Our Own Destiny”.

But The Rules Have Changed.

And Since I’ve decided to Take On Self Publishing, I’ve come Quickly to realize, that we Need as Many Tools as Possible to Get Our Books/Products Out there, and into the Hands of People that would Appreciate them. And, Potentially Purchase them.

In My Opinion One of The Most Important, and Globally Fundamental Tools for this, is The Internet… Didn’t take a Genius to realize that, Right?

But what I’m saying is, “USE IT!!”.

In an Attempt to Broaden Our Connection with Our Readers and Crew Here at the Dark Globe I Created a Twitter Account.

I know what you’re thinking, “ah yeah Twitter, I have a Twitter Account and I Hardly Use it“.

Or, “Oh Yeah, I use it to Get My Stuff Out There All The Time, I just wish I had More Followers”.

But here’s the Thing, I’m not Talking about Our “Individual Efforts” with a Tool Like Twitter… Which are, by the way, of the “Utmost Importance” as well.

What I’m Talking about is, “GLOBAL NETWORKING!!” And, Creating a “Monumentally Strong and Driving Force” of Getting Not Only Our Own, But One Another’s Work, and/or Efforts Out there!!

First of all, Join This DarkGlob1@Twitter… Not just to Follow The Dark Globe which is of course Awesome, lol

But what we Need to do is, Create a “Giant” Chain/Network of us, and Support, and ReTweet The Hell out of One Another’s Efforts, and Products…

Tweet, and ReTweet, and Tweet, and ReTweet…

I’m not just talking about Hitting the General Tweetosphere out there, which once again, is Important… I’m Talking about Creating a Group of Us Working Together to Not Only Promote Ourselves, and Individual Efforts… But to Promote One Another’s Efforts and Products as well.

The Dark Globe has a Good Following… And when I say “A Good Following”, I don’t mean a Huge Amount of Followers, Though I think We’re doing Pretty Good with that too being we’re only just over 4 Months Old… But what I mean by “A Good Following” is, We’ve Brought Together a Really Good Group of Readers, Writers, Photographers and Bloggers.

Lets Use what All of You, and We at The Dark Globe, have Created Together, and “HIT THE STREETS!!” Runnen man… Like Kristen Lamb “Hints” at, “With Every Single” Area of Media at Our Disposal…

Nuff said

I Think you Get The General Gist

This isn’t just about “Following The Dark Globe Twitter”, this is about Then Following Everyone Elses Twitter that Joins…


So Do it, Click It, Follow it, and We’ll Follow you Right Back… And Then Some

Help Each Other Out man, Generate an Epic Synergy of Self Publishing, and/or Publishing, MOJO!!

Nuff Said Again, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading


*And ReTweet The Hell Out of This Post As Well While You’re At It, lol Hell, if You Really Believe in What I’m Talking About, You’re Welcome to Reblog This Post to Your People as well

4 Comments to “Self Publishing – Masters of Our Own Destiny”

  1. The more I’m learning about self-promotion for self-publishing, the more I’m wondering if I’m up for the task.

    • Hire someone… Or in your case, ask a couple People that you “Really” Trust to Help You out… You can Reward them However you want…

      When it comes to you, you have a “Great” and “Huge” Personality… And, it’s very “Contagious”. Yes, what Kristen is saying is that you “Need” to be all of these things these days to be a Writer.

      But frankly, there are “Creative” ways around that… You strike me as someone that should have a “Lorna” Team

      And this isn’t a bad thing… Your Talents Reside elsewhere, and that should be your “Primary Focus”.

      Most People don’t have Personalities as “Large” as yours… Do you think people like “Jay Leno” (not that I like him much, but that’s not my point, lol) or “Madonna” do this S$@#! Alone? Nah

      If you decide to Publish, and want to Sell A lot of Books, I’d highly Suggest you Build a Core Team in your Case… I think that you have the Personality and Talents to Warrant it.


  2. I can be spiritual if I want to be…

    • We Know… It’s only a matter of time before you walk the deserts barefoot and come back with the Meaning of Life

      Which of course will be a Flower that has no right Growing in some place like the Middle of The Desert…

      But there’s time for all that

      Frolic on for a while, lol


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