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March 9, 2012

Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Now Available On Kindle

by darkjade68

Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Now Available On Kindle

Moving Beyond My Online Site, and Beyond The Local Book Store that is now Carrying My Book, I’ve been meaning to do more Research in ebook Publishing.

Mostly because it appears to have become a Huge Part of the Writer’s, and Reader’s World, and Basically Makes The Book a Little Bit More Accessible.

Good News Though, You Don’t Need A Kindle To Download Kindle Books

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March 9, 2012

Ball of Light

by endlessthinker

This is a documentary made by Sam Collins that I found at It tells the story of Denis Smith, a guy who got serious problems in life. He tried repairing his life, discovered photography and light painting, and changed his life forever.

PS DarkJade suggested this to me to publish this as a post after I tweeted this. And I thought to myself, yeah why didn’t it occur to me. This is inspiring.