The Dark Globe – Crying Over Spilt Audi

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Crying Over Spilt Audi… Go Ahead And Cry



So I just got off the Phone with My Brother who sounded like “The Walking Dead”, Ironically as I believe that is his “Favorite Show”, lol

Apparently he was up late last night, and thought he’d call me to have a 30% Brain Capacity Conversation before he passed out, lol

Talking to him on the phone is hard enough, as he’s generally Watching T.V. at the Same Time, or his Kids or Wife are also having Full Blown Conversations with him “While He’s On The Phone!”.

Ok I understand this with kids, “But Come On Brother’s Wife!!” lol

Anyway he’s been Calling or Texting Me A Lot lately because he misses me, and wishes he could come down for a Visit… He lives about 8 hours North of me.

He’s saying “I wish I could just fly down for a few days but “The Boys” (His two sons) also want to come… I just wish I had a “Working Car””.

And I’m like “Oh, you mean like The Audi Before It Was Destroyed”, lol

BACK STORY; A Few Months ago My Brother’s Wife and Family were having a bit of a “Family Reunion” Up in Lake Shasta, and wanted to Take Both of My Brother’s Cars up into the Mountains.

1) If I remember Correctly, The Audi wasn’t runnen all too well, or needed some work at the time

2) And Their Second Vehicle is an Over 100,000  Miles on it Ford Explorer…

Now I call This Situation “BAD MATH”… First of all, Neither Car was up for Climbing the Mountain Roads of Lake Shasta… Secondly, if they Mess Not One, but “Both” of their Cars up, They’re Basically SC$#@’d as far as getting to work, lol

So what does he do, he lets them use Both Cars, lol Why? One, they couldn’t Afford to Rent Even One Car, let alone Two… And Two, Hell, They Couldn’t even Afford The Camping Trip at the time, lol

But this is The “General Theme” of The Marriage he entered into Many, Many Moons ago… If his Wife Wants it, He Gives it to her. Don’t get me Wrong, I love his Wife, she is an Amazing, Beautiful Person, and an Incredible Mom.

But… When it comes to Financial Matters, Neither of them have the “Patience” of a “Very Still Marble”… Perfectly Still… Just Sitting There, lol

And so now I get to hear how he can’t come down Because he doesn’t have a “Good Enough Car” (Did I mention the Audi’s Engine was basically Destroyed on the Trip?)

Anyway, just a bit of a “Rant” I thought I’d Throw Your way, lol

My Brother Drives Me Pretty Crazy, but He and My Mom Are Basically My Best Friends in The World… And I Love Them Both… They are Great/Amazing People.

Nuff Said

Thanks For Listening


P.S The Reason I called This Post “Crying Over Spilt Audi” at the end of the conversation he said “No Point Crying Over Spilt Milk”, and My Thought was “Yeah But There Is A Point Over Crying Over A Spilt Audi”, lol


2 Comments to “The Dark Globe – Crying Over Spilt Audi”

  1. oh my gosh, this story resembles my earlier years, there was never really enough money…

    and I drive a silver audi

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