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March 15, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

by darkjade68

I’d like to Thank Chrissi over at Cellar Door Belle for Nominating The Dark Globe For The Versatile Blogger Award…

Because there is Currently 17 Crew Members at The Dark Globe, This Award Belongs to all of us… Also because this is a Cumulative Artist Site, we don’t generally partake in the “Giving of The Awards” Portion of Awards, but one of the Crew did ask if we could Give an Award to Lily over at Lily In Canada.

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March 15, 2012

Talking About Tolkien

by Shannon Fox

Today, I finished taking ten weeks of a class on Tolkien. During these past weeks, we read The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and parts of The Unfinished Tales.

My previous interaction with Tolkien was quite limited. After seeing the cartoon version of The Hobbit on TV as a child, I tried to read The Hobbit. I read it and pretended to my second grade class that I also understood it.

When the movies came out, I tried and failed to read The Fellowship. I always meant to go back to it; as a self-proclaimed lover of books and literature, I couldn’t really get away with NOT reading Tolkien. So when this course listing came up, it was perfect: someone was going to tell me to read Tolkien for homework. Excellent.

The Silmarillion:

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March 15, 2012

by Harry


IT’S JUST Paper.

There is nothing simple about this paper art, he carves, rips and cuts to make his creations. They are all of wildlife which must be very hard to get the detail right on all of the different animals.

It is hard to believe it is only paper.

ARTIST Calvin Nicholls  is from Canada.

Calvin Nicholls

Both links ( name ) above will take you to his site.

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