Black Cover Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Special Edition

by darkjade68


I’ve Decided to Print a Special Edition Black Cover, With Special Purple Font Text, of My Self Published “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book, which will be Specially Priced at $5.00… It’s Not a lot Less Expensive than My Regular Prints, but Unlike The Others, you Don’t Need a Discount Code to get The Lower Price.

I Will Let you all know when they’re Actually Available, as I Need to First Order a Proof and make sure they Look Ok…

Let Me know what you think, and Thank You for your Continued Support.


Other Versions of Winter, Lust, And Wonder

Self Publishing

To See The Poetry Before Picking Up A Copy Go Here Poems – Scribblings by DarkJade And Check Out “The Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poems

2 Comments to “Black Cover Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Special Edition”

  1. SO happy for you. It looks like things are really coming along and getting done.

    • Well, I will say this… They are “Evoloving”… Marketing Poetry is No Easy Task, but I’m surely Educating Myself in the Process, and of course, whatever I learn/find out/determine, I will be able to Apply More Easily when I Self Publish My Second Poetry Book, which will most likely be in a couple months or so.

      My Next Self Publishing Project will hopefully be My Novella/Short Story, which I hope to get Edited in April, and then Self Publish it as well… Once I’m able to Self Publish that, I’m hoping that The Local Bookstore that I got My Poetry Book into will consider Carrying that as well… That is the Hope/Goal.

      Thanks for your Comment Lorna


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